Women’s things that will be thrown over ten years to the real age

Any girl dreams of keeping her true age a secret for as long as possible. However, it often happens that the number 30 is indicated in the passport, and the appearance speaks eloquently that the woman is at least 45. It’s not wrinkles and loose skin that are to blame, but clothes. Novate.ru tells what things should be removed from the wardrobe in order to always look young and attractive.

1. Old-fashioned natural stone jewelry

Natural stones don’t have to be perfectly round. / Photo: zen.yandex.ru

Despite the fact that jewelry made from natural stones is timeless, it is very important to keep track of which ones are in trend. For example, earlier on women of fashion one could notice beads made of round stones of an ideal shape, but now designers are increasingly advising to give preference to deliberately careless products with broken lines.

Pearl jewelry will be very popular in 2021, especially in combination with gold, as well as chains. Regarding the latter, they are the undisputed leader among jewelry, go well with ribbed dresses and tops, current trouser suits, knitted clothes, knitted dresses. Be sure to pay attention to massive jewelry, jewelry of geometric shapes, products in the form of birds, flowers, rings and earrings made of natural materials. If you are afraid to overdo it, give preference to minimalist jewelry – they are now more relevant than ever.

2. Thin oversized dress or tunic

A baggy tunic makes the figure shapeless. / Photo: pinterest.ru

With the popularization of the oversized style, many girls decided that any voluminous dress or thing three or four sizes larger would look stylish and relevant. In fact, everything is much more complicated. Oversized should be appropriate, fit perfectly, make the figure fragile and refined, and not turn into a barrel. And if we are talking about a thin dress made of cheap fabric that absolutely does not hold its shape, then you can not even dream of any feminine image. Such a thing emphasizes figure flaws, highlights the contours of the linen and visually adds a few extra pounds.

An outfit made of dense material will look much better, which can be combined with warm tights without fear, which is very important in winter. The look will be complemented by rough biker-style boots and a wide belt. It will turn out to be very stylish and modern.

3. Bolero

& lt; Bolero has long been included in the list of anti-trends. / Photo: elle.ru

Bolero went out of fashion ten years ago, and stylists breathed a sigh of relief, because this scanty thing did not paint girls at all. However, many ladies stubbornly continue to wear it, hoping that the thing will hide their hands and perfectly complement any look with a T-shirt or dress. Alas, in this case, hopes are not destined to be justified – what do not combine the bolero with, it still looks strange, ridiculous and absolutely irrelevant. If you don’t want to catch mocking glances on yourself and constantly hear from friends that you have bad taste, replace the bolero with an elongated jacket, vest or oversized knitted cardigan. These things are very easy to fit into everyday, business and even romantic outfit – they look appropriate everywhere. Therefore, pair them with other clothes from your wardrobe, depending on the occasion and mood.

4. Slim-fit leather jacket

The tight leather jacket emphasizes the extra pounds. / Photo: fishki.net

A leather jacket belongs to the category of things that are always in fashion, only the style changes. And if earlier, tight-fitting models that fit like a second skin were considered trendy, now oversized leather jackets are more relevant. You can pay attention to a voluminous sheepskin coat-aviator or a biker-style jacket – the most important thing is that it fits freely. It would seem a simple thing, but it is she who adds the necessary mischief and audacity to the image, which women often lack so much.

5. Out-of-date jacket

The fitted jacket looks tasteless. / Photo: shafa.ua

By the way, about the jackets. Not everything can be added to your wardrobe, unless, of course, your goal is to look fashionable and attractive. For example, patch pockets, fitted cut, thin jersey, shoulder pads look out of place. Moreover, a jacket with such details creates the feeling that it has accompanied you for the past ten years. Do not create a retro look, but rather go shopping and try on a trendy model. For example, in fashion collections you can see double-breasted jackets made of tweed and corduroy. If you want to add a bright touch to a business style, pay attention to models with fringe, peplum, embroidery, lots of buttons and other decorative elements. Another topical option is a boyfriend jacket. Bulky, wide, baggy jackets will add tenderness, femininity to the image and will definitely help to throw off five years.

6. Skirt with elastic belt

A tulle skirt with an elastic band can be worn by young girls, but not by mature women. / Photo: strlan.ru

A wardrobe revision should be carried out every season in order to be able to quickly and painlessly remove items that do not fit in size or are out of fashion. By the way, about the latter. In the list of anti-trends, a skirt with an elastic belt is firmly entrenched. Not only does it look outdated, it also divides the body into two parts, mercilessly out of proportion.

We suggest not to risk your appearance and replenish your wardrobe with skirts that are timeless. For example, classic models made of leather and denim, as well as skirts with lace inserts and a checked pencil are always in fashion. If you want to create a playful look that, at the same time, will be very romantic, pay attention to the midi-length sun-flared skirts. Softness, grace – that’s what this wardrobe item will give. As for shoes, you can wear classic pumps, or you can opt for trendy sneakers and rough-cut boots. What about? Walk like that.

7. Blouse with lace

Blouses with lace do not add zest to the look. / Photo: edinstvennaya.ua

The situation is twofold here: on the one hand, lace adds romance to the image, but on the other hand, it looks more appropriate on 20-year-old girls than on 40-year-old ladies. If you want to look young, but at the same time are afraid to wear things that are not for your age, pay attention to blouses in Victorian style, with a floral print or in an ultra-trendy boho style. As for the materials, satin and velvet are in fashion. Also incredibly relevant are models with open shoulders, voluminous square-cut sleeves – there is where to roam.

8. Jumper with an infantile pattern

A jumper with hearts doesn’t add solidity. / Photo: zen.yandex.ru

You should not follow the example of 16-year-old girls who are just looking for their own style, and therefore can afford to wear a ridiculous jumper with an infantile pattern. Such a wardrobe item will definitely not decorate you and will make people around you doubt that you are definitely 30 years old, not 45. Give preference to more stylish and concise options, for example, basic plain jumpers or models with neutral decor or print in a muted shade.

9. Colorful bag

A bright bag combined with the same outfit is overkill. / Photo: wlooks.ru

Another greetings from the past. Surely you bought such a bag together with a bolero and a fitted leather jacket. An outdated accessory with a quilted pattern looks irrelevant and does not paint you in the least. It may seem to you that such a bag lends a cheer to the image, but this is not true – with it you run the risk of looking ridiculous. Allow yourself a little more and buy an iconic model that will be on trend in twenty years. We’re talking about Birkin, Kelly, Jackie, Speedy and other similar accessories. They look stylish, concise, look perfect with any clothing, and their durability is beyond doubt. Yes, such a bag will not be cheap, but this is one of those investments that fully justifies itself.

10. Jeans with holes and scuffs

Jeans with holes do not look young, contrary to expectations. / Photo: heaclub.ru

Such models of jeans either go out of fashion, then again triumphantly return to the pedestal. It seems that they are designed to refresh and visually take off five years, but in reality everything happens exactly the opposite. Such models emphasize age and do not always look appropriate – it seems to others that a woman at the age of 40 should not allow herself to wear such clothes. Of course, the final choice is yours, but we would advise you to add classic jeans to your wardrobe, for example, straight jeans, moms, bell bottoms.

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