Why you don’t need to pour oil from sprat: how to use canned liquid with benefit

In many families, from the Soviet times to the present day, sandwiches with sprats have been served on the festive table. It is difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of eating canned fish, even given the current abundance of products in supermarkets. When the sprats are finished, oil remains in the jar, which is usually sent to the trash can or sink. But in vain! We have selected several options for using sprat oil, which will become a real highlight of the dish.

Spicy mayonnaise sauce.

A spicy mayonnaise sauce will come out of the sprat oil. To prepare it, you need 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp. mustard, 0.5 lemon, a pinch of salt and sugar, 70-80 ml of sunflower oil and sprat oil. Whisk the yolk, sugar and salt and mustard with a blender (or whisk). Then gradually add sprat oil first, and then sunflower oil. If there is too much liquid left in the jar, then the proportion of sunflower oil should be reduced.

This version of the sauce is perfect with fish appetizers. You can add it to vegetables or spread it on bread.

Pickled onions with sprat oil. | Photo: koolinar.ru.

Oil from a tin can goes well with pickled onions. All you need to do is cut the onion into rings, add oil, cover everything with a plastic bag or a lid and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

Canned fish oil is an excellent flavor enhancer. | Photo: mir-da.ru.

Sprat oil is an excellent flavor enhancer for dishes such as fish soup, fried fish, and fish pie. And a simple herring, poured with such oil, will acquire a piquant aroma.

Fried fish. | Photo: fishcam-store.ru.

Fragrant herring. | Photo: 4tololo.ru.

Many have heard that sprats are not called fish, but the method of its preparation. Continuing the topic, let’s figure out what “sprats” are.

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