Why was shish kebab marinated with vinegar in the USSR, and today its use is considered bad form

The USSR collapsed not so long ago, so many of us were born, grew up and lived in a big state. It had its own characteristics, rules of life, culinary preferences. Kebabs were especially popular with everyone, without exception. They were prepared according to a special recipe – pre-marinated, adding vinegar to the marinade.

The tradition of adding vinegar to the barbecue marinade is attributed to the Russians / vladimir.kp.ru

Modern chefs are against such an approach and unanimously declare the inadmissibility of adding this ingredient. They argue that this “invention” belongs to the Russians. Nobody else did this anywhere else.

With vinegar, Soviet meat turned out to be amazingly tasty and soft / Photo: regnum.ru

Meat without vinegar was not even considered a shish kebab. And the most interesting thing is that the dish really turned out to be excellent, with excellent taste.

Many people today marinate barbecue according to the Soviet recipe / Photo: davaipogovorim.mirtesen.ru

This is not to say that this cooking technology has completely outlived itself. Some people still use this recipe today, but these are mainly those who lived in the Soviet Union and miss that time.

Why did they start adding vinegar to the Soviet kebab

It was possible to buy good meat in the USSR only from butchers in the market at an inflated price / Photo: glavcom.ua

Bones and breakwaters have always been freely available / Photo: vk.com

The most plausible explanation for this phenomenon is very simple. The fact is that during the Soviet Union, many products were in short supply, especially of high quality. Meat was also on the list of scarce goods, of course, when it comes to a high-quality product, which could only be purchased in the market from butchers at a higher cost than in a store. Naturally, not all citizens could afford such expenses.

Stringy tough meat with the help of vinegar turned into a wonderful kebab / Photo: mirtesen.ru

Bones or moles were freely available on the shelves of the store. Good fresh pulp was also brought in, but it was possible to buy it mostly by pull. Intended, so to speak, “for their own.” So, as a rule, it was problematic to just go out and buy a good piece of meat for the kebab. But lying, sinewy, tough meat was still available. Sometimes it had an unpleasant odor (boar product).

Hard and not very fresh meat was poured with vinegar, which made it juicy and soft / Photo: uz.sputniknews.ru

People had no choice but to buy what was, and, through simple manipulations, turn it into a finished product that tastes good and looks good. Therefore, they made a kebab marinade with the addition of vinegar. The latter really did the impossible – the kebab was juicy, tasty and very soft.

In the USSR, they did not even know that there were other ways to make meat tasty and juicy / Photo: 123ru.net

Modern chefs recommend adding a well-known fruit – kiwi to the marinade to make the meat soft and juicy. As for the Union, then they did not even hear anything about it and never saw it.

What is added to the marinade today

Today meat is no longer a scarce commodity / Photo: yandex.ua

There is no food shortage in our time, and you can buy a neck or a sacrum for making a barbecue absolutely for every taste at any time. To do this, you do not have to go to the market, in supermarkets or shops this popular product is offered in abundance.

The modern recipe involves the addition of onion and spices to the meat for barbecue / Photo: drive2.ru

Adding vinegar to fresh flavored meat is excluded, as it will only spoil it. The kebab will be tough and, undesirably, dry. Therefore, today high-quality pork is marinated exclusively in onions with the addition of various spices.

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