Why put sticks in a package with dates

In our country, they like to feast on dried fruits. And dates are far from the last place among them. Sweet fruits not only improve mood, but also bring considerable benefits to the body. When buying a package of dates, you probably noticed more than once that there is some kind of stick inside. Why is it needed, let’s try to figure it out together.

Sometimes dates are sold directly on the twig. | Photo: countryscanner.ru.

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the sticks in the box is the decor. It looks like a twig on which dates usually grow on a palm tree. Abroad, some manufacturers of the product even specifically leave real branches for more flavor. However, the purpose of the plastic stick in our packages is completely different.

In the East, they are treated with dates on a stick. | Photo: sovkusom.ru.

If you look at how dates are served in countries where dried fruits are supplied to us (Iran, Israel, Tunisia), you will notice that they are often offered already peeled. Dates are pricked with toothpicks or skewers and sent into your mouth.

The stick acts as a skewer. | Photo: ua-vk.ru.

The plastic stick simply acts as a skewer. After all, dates are very sweet and therefore sticky. Not everyone is pleased to take a dried fruit with their hands and immediately go to wash their hands. And then the stick from the package comes to the rescue. Everything is extremely simple! The only thing I want to add: do not forget to wash the dried fruits before use.

It is more convenient to prick dates on a skewer. | Photo: zakupis-ekb.ru.

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