What Jill Biden looks like and wears: a simple teacher who is aiming for the post of the first lady of the United States

While all of America (and not only it) froze in anticipation of the results of the presidential elections, their wives – Melania Trump and Jill Biden – are holding their fists for their candidate husbands. If a lot is known about the current first lady of the country, then Joe Biden’s wife remains a mystery. Many will want to know what style the possible future first lady of the United States prefers.

1. Short jackets

Jill Biden prefers short, fitted jackets. | Photo: deseret.com.

Jill Biden does not change her style. The wife of the potential future president of America has a lot of jackets in the wardrobe. Despite the fact that stylists call short and fitted models out of fashion, Jill does not refuse them, because it is this type of jacket that looks very advantageous on a woman.

2. Hoodie

Jill Biden Youth Hoodie. | Photo: lady.mail.ru.

Jill Biden worked as a regular school teacher for a long time, but in 2009 she began teaching English at Virginia Northern College (the second largest college in the United States). Many of her students did not even know that Jill is the Second Lady of the country, because her husband served as Vice President during the presidency of Barack Obama.

Communication with students could not but leave an imprint on the style of Jill Biden. From time to time she can be seen in such a favorite item of clothing as a hoody. So that the image does not look too youthful, the 69-year-old woman complements it with strict skirts.

3. Floral prints

Floral print dress and matching mask. | Photo: lady.mail.ru

The candidate for the post of First Lady of the United States is not afraid of bold colors. Outfits with floral prints now and then flashed in the press.

Jill Biden in a floral outfit. | Photo: lady.mail.ru

4. Wardrobe elements are repeated

Jill Biden is not afraid to wear the same thing more than once.

Jill Biden is not afraid to appear in public in the same clothes. The paparazzi have repeatedly emphasized that a woman wears one skirt for different events. But this is not at all because Mrs. Biden has nothing to wear. By the way, ordinary Americans accept this style of dress favorably. Unlike Melania Trump, who although she looks like a style icon and does not appear in public in the same look twice, Jill is much closer to the people in repetitive outfits.

Jill Biden is the wife of US presidential candidate Joe Biden. | Photo: hayatsaglikhaber.com

In the meantime, the election result has not been announced, we suggest recalling 9 impeccable images of Melania Trump, for which she was dubbed a style icon.

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