Two in one: 9 things for spring, which are both stylish and comfortable

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start revising your wardrobe – getting rid of outdated things and adding trendy ones. We will talk about the latter in this article. offers a list of spring clothes that will become a must-have in 2021. Choose the options that are most comfortable for you and be truly stylish.
Despite all the difficulties that 2020 has prepared for the world, designers have been able to adequately overcome obstacles and adapt to the changes that have occurred over the past 12 months. Among the trends of the next season, there are no useless things in which you can go only to the catwalk – all the clothes presented in designer collections are comfortable, comfortable and suitable for any situation. Let’s take a closer look at the trendy wardrobe items, the finest hour of which will come in less than a month.

1. Sports pants

Sweatpants can be combined with a jacket and shirt

Sports pants are a kind of echo of the quarantine wardrobe. Thanks to its comfort and relaxed style, this garment is one of the favorites not only for athletes, but also for people who spend a lot of time at home. The designers understood this, and therefore decided to adapt the trousers for official appearances. Now you don’t have to hide sweatpants in the bins, putting them on only in the apartment. You can go beyond T-shirts, T-shirts and safely combine them with linen tops, jackets, oversized shirts, feeling as comfortable as possible at any time of the day or night.

2. Clothes in red

Red can be present as a dotted color or as a total bow

After all sorts of lockdowns, I want to go out and loudly declare myself. How to do it? With clothes, of course. Red is perfect for our purposes. And the best news is that the designers do not specify in what concentration the red should be present in the wardrobe. It can be a bag, a top, a jacket or a bold total bow – it all depends on your desire and mood.

3. Pants in men’s style

Mens style trousers loose and relaxed

Despite the fact that many people did not return to the office after quarantine, having completely switched to a remote basis, business suits have not lost their relevance. They are still feminine, elegant, seductive, giving the image a special charm and status of a business lady. However, the costumes have undergone some changes – instead of structural and strict silhouettes, more relaxed and everyday ones have appeared. Trousers have been especially transformed – now they resemble male models, they are comfortable and free. If you don’t find anything suitable in the women’s department, go to the men’s department – there you will definitely like the option with wide legs and a low waistline. True, there will be no variety in colors, but classic black will also come in handy.

4. Extra long trench coats

Trench coat – timeless classic

The trench coat belongs to the category of things that became a trend many years ago and will no longer leave the fashionable Olympus. This is a classic worthy of a basic wardrobe. It differs from classic raincoats with a high collar, a yoke on the back and two rows of buttons – given that initially outerwear was created for soldiers, such details are quite understandable.
Like other clothing, the trench coat has undergone some changes in 2021. The designers extended it almost to the floor, smoothly moving from midi length to maxi length. It looks unusual, but very cozy. The rest of the outerwear has retained its authenticity. For example, at the Max Mara shows, you can see the classic trench coat that retains all the characteristic properties, even the gun valve on the shoulder. Slightly widened sleeves make the silhouette look more interesting. The length of the raincoat reaches to the ankles, which makes it as warm and comfortable as possible. You only need to choose the right shoes and button up your trench coat to look perfect.

5. Volumetric windbreakers

Oversized windbreakers that hide the waist are in fashion.

In April and early May, the weather is still unstable, so you shouldn’t give up outerwear in favor of light shirts or T-shirts – cold wind and rain can overtake at any minute. Especially for such days, designers have improved the windbreaker, making it incredibly voluminous. Now the outerwear does not fit, but quietly falls from the shoulders, giving a feeling of freedom, lightness and relaxation.

For inspiration, you can take a look at the model from Celine – the windbreaker from the brand is distinguished by its large size, short sleeves and an extended back. If we talk about the silhouette, then it resembles a triangle: it smoothly expands downward and leaves the waist hidden from prying eyes.
Do you like more fitted styles? Then pay attention to the Max Mara model. The designers emphasized the low waist with elastic, and the puffy sleeves were narrowed with cuffs. At the same time, the oversize has been preserved, but it looks more feminine.

6. Clothes in lingerie style

The bra looks great with a suit and under a matching mesh

The presented style is not called that for nothing, because it has a similarity to underwear: it is made of airy fabric, has a neckline, and is decorated with lace. If earlier the design maximum was tops, which were proposed to be combined with trousers, jackets, pencil skirt, but now the fashion has gone even further. The new trend is sconces. You can wear it anywhere and with anything, depending on your own sense of comfort. As for stylish combinations, the bra looks good with classic suits, loose trousers with a high waistline.

7. Dress with an open back

An open back evening dress – a feminine and elegant option for an outfit

Even last season, the main emphasis in clothes was on the neckline. But in the new collections, he smoothly shifted to the back, revealing an equally sensual and seductive part of the body, which made girls with a small bust very happy. In 2021, designers are advised to opt for feminine monochromatic dresses, like Hailey Bieber at the 2019 Costume Institute Ball. You can also opt for a Givenchy jersey dress, a romantic Victoria Beckham sundress, or a sky blue high-necked outfit from Nanushka.

8. Tunic

Opt for a bright midi or neutral tunic just below the hips

It seemed that this wardrobe item would never return to fashion. However, if we talk about relaxation and a sense of comfort, which became the basis of the fashion collections of 2021, then the tunic meets these requirements 100%. Interesting, flowing options can be found in brands such as Fendi, Jil Sander, Thom Browne. You can combine a tunic with many things, but the most stylish look will turn out with relaxed-cut trousers. As for the colors, there are no special requirements and restrictions. You can choose a snow-white product, like Michael Kors, or a bright, cheerful model, like Kenneth Ize.

9. Wide jeans

Wide leg jeans are perfect for casual and romantic looks

When bell bottoms are no longer happy, and classic straight jeans are boring, it’s time to add something new to your wardrobe. For example, wide leg denim trousers. They may well replace popular joggers, since they are not inferior to them in terms of convenience. Experiment with looks and don’t stop at the usual combinations: patchwork jeans will look interesting with a loose blouse or white shirt, oversized trousers should be complemented by a wide men’s belt, and blue jeans will sparkle with new colors paired with a romantic top with an ethnic or floral print.

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