The discovery of the Nobel Prize winners in physics was illustrated with a donut hole

Nobel committee member Thors Hans Hansson explained the scientific work of the prize winners in physics with the help of a cinnamon roll, a donut and a pretzel. This was addressed to journalists covering the announcement of the names of the holders of the most prestigious prize on the planet in Stockholm.

The research of scientists was devoted to phase transitions in ultra-thin materials.

According to Reuters, such transitions allow matter to change its superfluid or superconducting state. At the quantum level, such systems admit a topological characteristic that does not depend on the nature of the material from which they are made.

Topology describes the properties of objects, which depend on their continuous deformation, as a result of which no through holes appear or disappear. For example, in terms of topology, a circle and a donut are identical to each other because they have the same hole. These objects are an example of a torus – a surface of the first kind, otherwise – a sphere with one handle. Depending on the number of pens, all existing objects can be classified, including quantum systems.

According to experts, the results of the study will make it possible to find application in the most promising electronics, including quantum computers.

According to one of the laureates, Duncan Haldane, the discovery was made by accident. The scientist said that he and his colleagues did not even think that their research could be useful.

When asked how he managed to make the discovery, the physicist stressed that “he tried to understand and prove that something else was wrong. “As with most other discoveries, we just stumbled over it. It takes time to understand what you have discovered, ”said the researcher.

The laureate also spoke about how he took the news of the Nobel Prize award. “Like everyone else, I was very surprised. When I started working on this topic in the late 1980s, I didn’t even think it would be useful. Now this has been confirmed, although there is still a lot to discover, ”he said.

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