Snacks & Protein Bars: 9 Meals That Can’t Fight Hunger

Food is that indispensable requirement of the human body, without which we are simply not able to live normally. In addition, the occasional feeling of hunger makes us look for foods and dishes that will help to cope with this not the most pleasant sensation. It just turns out that not everything we can eat can really help us effectively cope with the problem of an empty stomach. To your attention “nine” dishes and products that will not cope with the feeling of hunger.

1. Fast food

You will quickly fill up with fast food, but you will also quickly get hungry. / Photo:

In fact, any fast food is not the best way to satisfy the need for food because of its dubious quality, but in the case of the same French fries, this still does not carry the necessary practical value. Despite the huge number of calories that are generally placed in dishes of this type, as well as the unthinkable amount of salt, it will not work to gorge on fries, burgers and other products for a long time, and the load on the body will be immeasurably large.

2 Chips and other snacks

Snacks are not only harmful, but they will not fill you properly. / Photo:

Products such as chips or other snacks in this case repeat the story of fast food – the benefits of using these products are very doubtful, the harm has long been proven, and they, in fact, are not able to satisfy the feeling of hunger. Indeed, often snacks are just an appetizer for drinks like beer, and saturation with such products will not work.

3. Chinese food

The portions are large, but you still don’t eat for long. / Photo:

Anyone who has tasted Chinese cuisine at least once will tell you that they are always quite large in size. However, there is often one reason for such wealth on the plate: with all the volumes of servings served, it is not always possible to get enough of them even, and not for long. And this despite the fact that often in Chinese cuisine there are dishes in batter, fried in vegetable oil with a lot of spices. Moreover, often after eating Asian culinary delights, the feeling of hunger will only increase – most likely, the reason for such strange consequences is the fact that the Chinese add sugar to most of their dishes.

4. Protein bars

Not always dietary, they also do not satisfy hunger. / Photo:

Carbohydrate or protein bars are often cited by manufacturers and marketers as a great weight loss aid because they are sugar-free and packed full of sports protein or whey protein. However, in reality, this product is not able to satisfy the feeling of hunger. In addition, their usefulness is also questionable: manufacturers often add fructose syrup and trans fats to this product, which will neither add health nor provide a feeling of fullness.

5. Turkish cuisine

It seems to be satisfying, but the feeling is not for long. / Photo:

This amazing property of Turkish cuisine is known, perhaps, to every tourist who has visited local resorts and tasted dishes from the famous all-inclusive buffets: no matter how many dishes you taste there, the feeling of fullness will not last long. Especially, as vacationers often note, this applies, oddly enough, to sweets – in order to fill up, you need to eat several cakes at once, while one domestic bun is enough for this.

6. Low-fat dairy products

Low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese cannot defeat hunger. / Photo:

The practical benefits of dairy products with zero fat content are, in principle, rather weak, because along with these very fats of their product, other important substances also leave. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that such kefir or cottage cheese will not provide an opportunity to fully satisfy the feeling of hunger. Even more: many people note that low-fat dairy products, as well as other dietary positions, only increase the feeling of an empty stomach.

7. Fruit juices

Juice is primarily a drink, and it will not effectively satisfy hunger. / Photo:

If you replace a full-fledged dish with juice, even natural, it is difficult to imagine that such a decision will lead to a quick and long-lasting feeling of fullness. Still, any fruit juices are, first of all, a drink. In addition, unlike the same product of their vegetables, fruits contain a lot of fructose or sucrose, which is more likely to cause hunger than suppress it. And if we are talking about store juices, where sugar and preservatives are added separately, then the situation will worsen even more, and saturation will never come.

8. Confectionery and flour products

Pastries and sweets will saturate, but not for long. / Photo:

Even if you eat a healthy bun or bread that is satisfying on its own, the feeling of fullness will not last long. The main reason for this is the presence of so-called fast carbohydrates in confectionery and other flour products, which have a high absorption rate: that is, they quickly satisfy hunger, but after them the desire to eat again comes quickly. In addition, the presence of sugar in most sweets only contributes to the rapid onset of hunger after consuming them.

9. Thai food

Spicy food cannot satisfy. / Photo:

Thai food has several distinctive features that make it stand out from the rest. First of all, it is, of course, the presence of a considerable amount of spices. However, another feature is the almost ubiquitous use of the MSG flavor enhancer. Both of these factors make it difficult to recover from Thai dishes, however, they will also not be able to satisfy the feeling of hunger for a long time.

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