Shame that is worse than doping: Russia is suspected of fraud at the Olympics in physics

If suspicions are confirmed, Russian schoolchildren will be deprived of the first place

The IPhO organization, which holds international physics Olympiads, announced doubts as a result of the Russian national team, which in 2017 won the first place in terms of the number of awards in the individual and team standings, – IA “Panorama” reports.

In other words, we are talking about the fact that instead of schoolchildren, university students took part in the Olympiad. An IPhO spokesman said the organization has a “valuable informant” from Moscow who is ready to provide information on the machinations of the Russian team. His name has not yet been disclosed in the interests of the investigation, but it is known that he has already received asylum in one of the European countries and intends to arrive at a meeting of the IPhO organizing committee in the near future.

“I can promise that we will conduct an objective investigation, but if the Russians could do it at the Olympics, then why can’t they do it here? One way or another, any information and official comments will appear only after we get acquainted with the documents, ”the employee told The Washington Post.

Another source of the newspaper in IPhO clarified that the Russians will be deprived of awards even if the fraud cannot be fully proved and investigated – according to him, the result shown by the Russian team significantly exceeds the number of children from more developed countries, which aroused suspicion and earlier. However, if earlier the IPhO had no evidence of the alleged fraud, then the appearance of a “valuable witness”, according to the interlocutor of the publication, will finally restore justice.

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