Physicists have found evidence of the existence of other universes

The special epistemological status of science and modern physics

Physicists from the United States and the United Kingdom have studied the data transmitted by the WMAP satellite and found evidence supporting the concept of a multiverse.

The idea of ​​the existence of many universes is not new – back in the 80s, the Soviet-American physicist Andrei Linde proposed the currently popular theory of eternal inflation, according to which quantum fluctuations that ensure the existence of the world can arise spontaneously and in any quantity. They give rise to inflationary processes, as a result of which new universes are born, in which other physical laws may operate or the values ​​of fundamental constants different from those accepted on Earth may exist. The totality of such regions forms the multiverse.

If such regions somehow interact with each other, traces of this interaction may well be found in the study of microwave background radiation. It documents the early evolution of the universe when it was only about 380,000 years old. The authors of the new work used the most accurate available CMB temperature anisotropy maps, compiled after seven years of work by WMAP.

Physicists determined in advance the parameters common to all “fingerprints” of interaction, after which they launched a special search algorithm. The result of his work was four found “prints”.

So far, the work of scientists has low reliability due to the fact that a large array of information on relic radiation makes it possible to find in it many areas with statistically unlikely characteristics. This makes it difficult to assess the significance of specific discoveries.

For this reason, the authors hope to soon check their calculations on data from the Planck satellite, which continues the WMAP work, but has a higher resolution and sensitivity than its predecessor.

The science Physics Found Certificate Existence Another Universe

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