Make-up artist’s tips: how to hide skin imperfections with makeup

Smooth, even, radiant skin without make-up can be seen except in the photo on Instagram. However, it does not always correspond to the real appearance of the girl. Therefore, the actual question is how to mask inflammation, acne, age spots, freckles and other skin imperfections in such a way that the face looks beautiful, fresh and natural. shares several makeup artist secrets that will help you achieve this effect.
Correctly selected corrective products for the face can instantly transform the skin, give it a toned look. However, each of them is designed to cope with only one task: some mask rashes, others – bruises under the eyes, and still others make a dull skin tone fresher. Therefore, it will definitely not work to acquire a universal remedy for all ills. Let’s figure out what must be in a cosmetic bag, and how to use beauty products correctly.

1. Even out the color with foundation

The foundation should be applied with a brush for an even coverage. / Photo:

There is a stereotype that foundation can mask absolutely everything, from freckles to dark circles under the eyes. In fact, its main task is to even out skin color and cover minor imperfections. But with masking acne, it will not help. It is best to give preference to professional mineral-based products, as they will not only hide flaws, but also have a therapeutic effect.

Apply foundation with a thick brush or a sponge soaked in water. If you use the second option, the application of the foundation with a dense creamy texture will be smoother and more natural, you can avoid the mask effect. Remember, to prevent new breakouts from developing, you should regularly wash your brushes and sponges to keep bacteria free.

2. Hide bruises under the eyes with concealer or antiserum

Concealer perfectly masks dark circles under the eyes. / Photo:

Concealer is a real lifesaver for those who constantly feel like a panda. It quickly masks dark circles and rashes on the face. Makeup artists advise you to choose a shade of beauty products in such a way that it is slightly lighter than the skin or ideally matches it. There are also multi-colored concealers that are designed to mask different skin problems. For example, dark circles and blue veins under the thin skin around the eyes are covered by a yellow tint, age spots – orange, bruises with a green tint – pink.

You can also use anti-sulfur to mask dark circles. The product contains reflective particles that give radiance to the skin around the eyes, add freshness to the look. However, precisely because of the presence of these particles, anti-sulfur cannot be used to mask other imperfections – it will only emphasize the rash.

3. Disguise bright inflammations with a corrector

The concealer will help hide pimples on your face. / Photo:

Some people confuse a concealer with a concealer, although the hero of this paragraph has a denser and thicker texture, suitable for masking serious inflammations, such as acne, acne marks. It is desirable that salicylic acid be present in the corrector – it dries out the rashes so that they disappear faster. The tool is applied not on the entire surface of the face, but pointwise, on top of the foundation. Before you give preference to any instance, you need to pay attention to the texture: if the beauty product is oil-based, there is a risk that it will leak and clog the pores. To avoid such a result, it is better to purchase a concealer with a matte effect.

4. Use a base under the eyeshadow for fixing

The base under the shadow prevents the foundation from sliding. / Photo:

If you don’t have any concealers at hand, except for foundation, use the following life hack: take a base under the shadow, apply it pointwise on acne and redness. Wait a few minutes for the beauty product to adapt to the skin, then lay on the cream. Such a simple trick will prevent the foundation from slipping, ensure the durability of the makeup, beautiful color and an even skin tone.

5. Draw a sophisticated nose with a corrector and a highlighter

Some areas of the nose need to be lightened, and others need to be darkened. / Photo:

A wide nose or a noticeable hump is another reason why girls are complex about their appearance. However, this disadvantage is also easy to eliminate if you have the right cosmetics on hand. The nose should be well worked out with a corrector and a highlighter: lighten the back of the nose from the bridge of the nose to the tip, and then outline the resulting light area with a dark corrector. Please note that the line should not be too thick or coarse. The tip of the nose, the hollow above the lip and the bridge between the nostrils should also be darkened. All borders that have formed during the makeup must be carefully shaded. Done!

6. Get rid of dry skin with a primer

The primer will moisturize the skin and prepare it for the base application. / Photo:

If you have dry skin, use a primer or rich moisturizer before applying foundation. The foundation should be applied smoothly with a sponge or flat brush. You can add a little face oil to your foundation, or pat it over your makeup.

7. Correct wrinkles with a light concealer

Anti-aging makeup involves using a concealer to mask wrinkles

Make-up for mature skin is a separate issue, as it needs the use of nourishing and moisturizing agents that provide a lifting effect. A light-colored concealer works best for correcting wrinkles. It should be applied into the groove, and then gently blend the edges to even out the texture of the skin and add volume. You can also use a smoothing filler primer to fill in the wrinkle.

8. Use powder for finishing correction

The powder will fix all applied beauty products. / Photo:

The final stage in the make-up is powder. It helps to fix all the beauty products that you managed to apply on your face, makes the skin smooth, matte, hides those imperfections that concealer and concealer could not cover.

Please note: Do not apply powder to dry, dehydrated skin with scaly areas. It will not mask, but will further emphasize the imperfections of the face.

9. Add accents

Nude makeup can be added with bright lips. / Photo:

If your skin imperfections are serious, try to distract attention from them with bright eye or lip makeup. The main thing is not to overdo it and not make an “acid” make-up in the style of the 90s. Remember: naturalness and naturalness are in fashion now, so the accent should be soft and present only on one part of the face – either in the form of shadows on the eyes or in the form of lipstick on the lips.

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