Learning from the Stars: How to Wear a Sweater to Become a Style Icon

When a sweater becomes the main item in the wardrobe, one involuntarily has to think about how to make this routine thing less commonplace. Novate.ru offers to be inspired by the images of the stars: they definitely have some interesting ideas on how to create a beautiful and stylish look. Take note of the cold season.

1.Victoria Beckham: Oversized sweater + pleated skirt

Sweater and pleated skirt look very romantic

It is not for nothing that a fashion designer and businesswoman is considered an icon of style – Victoria combines things so harmoniously with each other that her every appearance instantly becomes an example to follow. So the image with a voluminous, knitted sweater and a pleated skirt entered the list of the most top-notch in the fall-winter season. Shoes with heels will be a harmonious addition to the outfit. If you want to add a touch of audacity and rebelliousness to your outfit, rough lace-up shoes will help you – a delicate flying skirt is perfectly combined with such shoes.

2.Gigi Hadid: Knitted sweater + slip dress

Stylish total look Gigi Hadid

Given the growing popularity of the lingerie style, a long slip dress will be a great base for any season. In the summer version, designers suggest wearing it as an independent wardrobe item or together with an oversized denim / jacket. But in winter, you should warm yourself, as Gigi Hadid does – a flowing black dress in black, complete with a chunky knit sweater and matching boots, looks amazing. The model supplemented her total-look with sunglasses, which adequately completed the image. In such an outfit, you can safely go on a date or a party.

3. Selena Gomez: Cashmere Sweater + Wide Leg Pants

Delicate sweater with a print can be combined with classic trousers

Wide trousers are a hit of the season, as they set the tone for sophisticated but very elegant looks. Contrary to popular belief, they do not add volume, but, on the contrary, make the figure more fragile, graceful, and refined. Selena Gomez decided to take this technique into service and for one of her outings she chose trousers with an emphasized waist line and a loose fit along the hips. The singer complemented the look with a thin cashmere sweater with a cute image of a unicorn, which added lightness and even some naivety to the outfit. To accentuate her slender waist, Selena tucked the top into her pants. The red bag became the finishing touch and a bright accent that brought all the elements of the image together.

4. Hailey Baldwin: Bright sweater + business suit

A strict business suit in a cage can be diluted with a bright sweater

If you are a fan of business style or a strict dress code at work, pay attention to the image of the American model Hailey Baldwin. The girl combined a strict gray check suit with a bright pink sweater. If you also want to kill two birds with one stone – to warm up in the office and make the business outfit more interesting – this look will become a real lifesaver. For shoes, you can choose classic shoes in a neutral color, or take an example from Haley and wear white pumps with a pointed toe.

5. Irina Shayk: Knitted sweater + mini skirt

Oversized sweater goes well with a short skirt and chunky biker boots

If Indian summer has not yet passed in your city, then there is an opportunity to repeat the image of Irina Shayk. When the girl was in Milan, the paparazzi spotted her in an orange sweater under the throat and a mini skirt with a button-like decor. Following fashion trends, the model tucked the sweater into the belt, thereby demonstrating a stylish bottom. Rough biker style boots with lace-ups and chunky soles completed the look.

Do you want to repeat this look in the cold season? Easily! To do this, put on tight black tights, the same bright sweater, short skirt and boots like Shayk, and put on a coat or down jacket on top. Don’t forget about accessories – the model had sunglasses and a small black clutch, but you can not limit yourself to these two items. A scarf, massive earrings can act as a highlight.
Please note: If the clothes look too flashy, make a nude make-up. Natural tones will save you from creating an overly defiant image.

6. Bella Hadid: Chunky knit sweater + jeans

Cropped sweater looks great with high-waisted jeans

Despite the fact that jeans have long been used to create business, festive, romantic looks, they are still more perceived as part of a casual look. Bella Hadid fundamentally disagrees. Using her example, the girl decided to demonstrate what an excellent look will turn out if you combine ordinary straight jeans with a soft, delicate chunky knit sweater and high heels. Of course, we won’t be able to wear lace-up sandals, like the model’s, in the next six months, but if you replace them with stylish suede ankle boots and put on a coat on top, you will get the perfect autumn outfit. In this one, you can go anywhere: for a birthday, for a walk with friends, to a restaurant, to work – the choice is yours.

7. Miroslava Duma: Acid sweater + business trousers

Bright yellow sweater makes trousers with stripes more interesting

Although classic trousers with stripes have gone to the bench this season, according to designers, they still remain in the wardrobe of many stars. So, the Russian journalist Miroslava Duma is not indifferent to them. Vertical stripes perfectly lengthen the silhouette and make it visually taller, which is especially important for Miroslava, with her height of 154 cm. The journalist combines trousers with an acid bright yellow chunky knit sweater. The image turned out to be incredibly cozy, but at the same time stylish. A big role in this was played by the combination of plum stripes on the trousers with suede shoes to match. An excellent outfit turned out, and most importantly – universal. Outfit will be appropriate within the walls of an office, in a theater box, in a restaurant hall.

8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Neutral sweater + leather skirt

A great business bow is obtained with a sweater and pencil skirt

Leather items are at their peak this season. If in the summer you did not pay enough attention to them, then it’s time to fix the situation in the winter. Check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s chic look: a black leather pencil skirt, an oversized warm sweater, stiletto sandals and a folder bag, perfect for completing a business look. One has only to replace the sandals with ankle boots or boots, and voila – the outfit perfectly adapts to our weather conditions. Remember to casually tuck the hem of the oversized sweater into the waistband and roll up the sleeves to add a touch of lightness, freedom and charm.

9.Gigi Hadid: Sweater on the shoulders + jeans

The sweater can be used as an additional detail in the image

Today, our selection includes two images of Gigi Hadid, radically different from each other. If the first was elegant, restrained, then the second was casual, but no less stylish. The model demonstrates that the sweater can be worn not only in a mono version, making it the basis of the image, but also as an addition. Gigi put on a T-shirt and threw a sweater over her shoulders to use if it gets cold outside. Stylists recommend choosing a model with a V-neck and combining it with T-shirts, shirts, blouses. This will help you feel comfortable at any temperature.

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