Important nuances of the correct selection of jewelry

Jewelry has been in great demand at all times. They emphasize wealth, help to express individuality and good taste. Today, thanks to modern technologies and materials, they are presented in a very wide range. Various earrings, rings, bracelets, chains and other jewelry are always a welcome and pleasant gift. But with their correct selection, there are usually great difficulties. You always want to buy not only a valuable, but also a really stylish thing. In this regard, Graff jewelry is a win-win option. The products of this British brand are renowned for their beauty, grace and durability. There are no trifles in choosing the right jewelry. The following tips will help you not to make a mistake when buying and not to waste your money.

Choice of rings

Correct sizing will be key here. It needs not only to be measured, but also to take into account the swelling of the fingers, knotty joints. In the latter case, it is worth choosing a ring that is 0.5 sizes larger with a wide shank from 6 to 9 mm. You also need to correctly determine the ornament. Any rings look good on narrow and long fingers, but if the finger needs to be visually lengthened, it is worth buying jewelry with a vertical ornament.

Selection of earrings

For women with a round face, pendant earrings of various shapes are ideal. Earrings with an English lock and precious stones will also look good. Girls of short stature are not recommended to wear earrings longer than 4 cm. Owners of thin facial features should purchase hoop earrings. In the case of a square face, massive jewelry should be avoided; it is better to use round or oval jewelry.

Buying bracelets

Traditionally, gold wrist chains are in greatest demand. Rigid and massive bracelets are also quite popular. The main thing is to choose them in such a way that they do not crush or twist. However, they should fit snugly around the wrist. Bracelets with large ornaments will help to visually hide a wide bone.

What to consider when choosing necklaces, pendants, chains

The neck is the main indicator of femininity, so it must be adorned. The decoration for it is selected based on the height and complexion. Owners of a magnificent physique need chains with a length of at least 45 cm. Chains and necklaces with precious stones should be even longer around 55 cm. If beads are chosen, their length depends on the size of the beads. The larger they are, the larger the necklace should be.

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