How to look slimmer with clothes and learn how to hide “problem areas”

All girls are by nature inclined to look for figure flaws. I do not know of a single one who would be 100% satisfied. Girls, I have good news for you. There are many ways to hide our “problem areas” with the right clothing. This will be discussed in my article. I will tell you a few simple tricks and help you get rid of complexes forever.

The first trick is working with verticals

And now in more detail. What can be a vertical?

● Monochrome image. This is an image composed in one color or in shades of one color. Such an image will visually stretch your shape, because one color visually draws a vertical line. Your figure will appear slimmer and taller.

● The V-neck also creates the illusion of a vertical line. And it will accentuate your neckline as a bonus.

● Longer top. Choose jackets or cardigans. They will help stretch the silhouette. For the best effect, I recommend choosing these tops in contrasting colors.

● Vertical stripes, stripes on trousers. The most obvious way is to make the required area longer.

● High waistline will help to stretch the silhouette. Together with trousers on the floor, it will make your legs endless.

● Choose shoes with heels. This will add to your height.

There are points to pay attention to. I recommend avoiding bulky textures, large prints, appliqués, hips, and heavy bell-bottomed trousers. I do not recommend using a baggy cut in your looks, it will visually increase. Choose medium-weight fabrics to hide problem areas. Highlight dignity with a bright color. Thus, you will shift attention away from your shortcomings.

The second technique is distance

Using this technique will visually distance and slim your figure. It is best to use cool and dark shades, as well as a matte texture.

The third technique is maximization

What does this mean? If you want to emphasize fragile wrists, choose massive bracelets and watches. To add elegance and harmony to your legs, I recommend wearing boots with a wide bootleg. This technique works in contrast.

And the last trick I want to talk about is matching. Choose prints and accessories that are proportionate to your figure. Balancing the sizes will create the effect we want.

Thanks to these simple techniques, your figure will look a little slimmer and more harmonious, and you will be confident in yourself. Don’t be afraid, experiment! Everything will work out!

Text author: stylist image maker Ksenia Bugaenko

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