How to emphasize the merits of the figure and hide the flaws: practical tips for choosing a wardrobe

There are no ugly figures. But it so happens that we subjectively do not like something about ourselves. What to do in this case? First of all, try to find what you like about your figure and focus on it. Here are some examples of how this can be done. Please note the following pros and cons.

1. Beautiful neck

Show off your slender neck with a V-neck top – the open neck area is eye-catching. Also use accessories for your neck – a variety of necklaces and scarves.

2. Beautiful back

If the situation permits, try choosing clothes that show off a part of the back. It can be a jumper, blouse or dress with a deep enough cut on the back. Also, additional charm can be given by a sautoir (female jewelry in the form of an elongated necklace with a suspended pendant – author’s note)

3. Slim waist

Here, our primary task is to emphasize dignity, that is, to focus on the waist line. A great way would be to choose a top or wrap dress, as well as a corset. Do not forget also about belts and belts – these accessories will additionally highlight your thin waist.

4. Beautiful belly

If you value a beautiful belly (flat belly, beautiful relief, etc.), wear those items of clothing that will allow you to show it off. The easiest way is to open up your belly with cropped tops. Moreover, if the top is loose enough, then at the same time the waist will visually look even thinner. You can also add a chain to the waist if the situation permits.

Choosing tight bodysuits for your wardrobe is also a great way. The bodysuit will accentuate a flat belly without exposing it. Option for modest young ladies.

5. Beautiful hands

In warm weather, there are many ways to show off beautiful hands. These are sleeveless tops, tops with thin straps, bandeau tops (cropped strapless tops in the form of a strip are also suitable for owners of a beautiful belly). In cool weather, tops with sleeves, but made of tight-fitting materials, will help to emphasize the beauty of your hands.

If the subject of your pride is thin wrists, then use the following technique: put on a jumper, sweater or cardigan with a thick knit and roll up the sleeves a little higher than the wrists – this way, in the contrast of volumes, this part of the hand will look even more fragile. And, of course, don’t forget about the bracelets.

6. Slender legs

Beautiful legs can be emphasized not only with mini skirts, shorts and skinny jeans. An interesting solution would be accent shoes. These can be ordinary pumps or, for example, loafers, but in a bright color. If you are a fan of modern trends, be sure to get a pair of chunky but comfortable shoes – this will also create an accent in your look and draw attention to your feet.

So, if the advantages are more or less clear, but what to do with the disadvantages, you ask? I want to emphasize that everything that we consider our shortcomings is our subjective self-image, which often does not coincide with reality. Moreover, someone will consider the same feature of the figure a disadvantage, and someone, on the contrary, a dignity. But, nevertheless, if we do not like something in our appearance, this nuance can significantly spoil the mood, especially when there is a need to look your best. Therefore, further we will consider the flaws in the figure that disturb us most often, as well as methods that will definitely help to hide them.

In total, there are three main ways to make any flaw in your figure less noticeable.

• The first is to divert attention from the problem area with the help of simple laconic things without accents.
• The second is to create an accent in the area that you are proud of.
• Third – to use vertical accents – they visually stretch the silhouette and make the figure as a whole, or a certain area more slender.

I propose to consider some of the nuances of the figure in more detail.

Short neck

If you are worried about this problem, use V-neck tops – this trick will stretch the neck area. You can use elongated jewelry: necklaces, chains, etc. Choose tops with vertical patterns such as stripes. Tops with decorative vertical seams as an accent will also work.

Avoid placing accents in the shoulder area – do not use massive shoulder pads, scarves around the neck. Horizontal prints on the top will also visually shorten the neck, as well as everything that creates a horizontal line in this zone: chokers, collars, scarves, etc.

Broad shoulders

In this case, wear tops with a V-neck or U-neck – this shape of the neckline will create a vertical in the neck and neckline and distract attention from wide shoulders. Avoid boat necklines, shoulder pads, flashlight sleeves, or other effects that create a horizontal shoulder area and thus widen the shoulder area even further.

If wide shoulders bother you, then a laconic top with vertical accents will suit you. These can be zippers, button fasteners, etc. Again, don’t forget vertical embellishments.

Big breasts

Do not focus on the chest area, transfer all accents to the lower body. Wear belts that are wide and catchy enough to draw attention to yourself. Pay attention to the fact that the bodice has vertical cut lines – there is no need to visually expand the chest area with the help of contour lines. Try to avoid overlays in the chest area, such as pockets, appliqués. The same applies to brooches and embroidery. Also, do not wear voluminous shawls and scarves in this area.

Small breasts

In this case, we, on the contrary, are trying to transfer the emphasis to this area with the help of details that visually add volume. These are all kinds of ruffles, frills, draperies on the chest, top with a large pattern.

If you are choosing a dress for yourself, pay attention to the A-shaped models. A dress that expands downwards will not emphasize the bust area, but will create free volume due to its shape. It is worth avoiding tight-fitting tops and a deep neckline.

Full arms

Opt for tops with sleeves. 3/4 sleeves will look good. Our task will be to draw attention to the thinnest part of the hand – the wrist. Accessories can help with this: a bracelet, a watch or a silk scarf.
An important detail: the sleeve of the garment should not end in the widest area of ​​the arm, in particular, this applies to T-shirts. Such clothes will only highlight the problem. Tops with thin straps are also not recommended; they visually enlarge the hands.

Lack of waist

In this case, the most correct tactic would be not to emphasize the waistline. This can be achieved by wearing the top out or tucking in only the hem of the loose top. Choose dresses, tops and jackets with a straight cut without an accent at the waist. If the thing still has a waistline, let it be either high or low waist.

Belts and belts should not be used, and horizontal elements in this area should also be avoided. Note that layered sets ending at the waist will also accentuate the lack of it, so cropped jackets and coats are a bad option.

The presence of noticeable “sides” and tummy

It is important in no case to cover problem areas. Wear things that are loose at the waist area outside (cardigans, long jackets), or tuck in the front edge of the top, as I advised in the previous paragraph.

If you have a noticeable tummy, try to choose bottoms (trousers, skirts) with a fastener on the side, and not in the front – this way, you will avoid unnecessary accents on the problem area. Try to avoid things made of thin and tight materials, as well as large prints in the belly area, otherwise we will only further emphasize what we are trying to hide. Also, do not wear trousers with a low waist and trousers with an elastic band. But high-rise trousers with the edge of a free top tucked into them are a great option for a set for every day.

Wide hips

If you consider wide hips to be your drawback, choose things with a semi-fitted free cut, or a completely straight cut. Be sure to get an elongated straight-cut jacket that will cover the widest part of your thigh, and wear it with a skirt and trousers. Also, things with vertical trim will help to visually narrow the hips – it can be seams, decor, print (for example, a vertical strip), arrows on trousers, a slit on the skirt in front and on the side.

It is worth avoiding things made of thin fabrics in the hip area, as well as things that will visually add volume, for example, tulip-shaped skirts, trousers and skirts with patch pockets and other similar decorative elements.

Full legs

In this case, trousers that will not tight your legs are suitable for you. These can be banana trousers or slightly flared trousers. Do not focus on the legs – adopt the technique of transferring attention: emphasize the waist, for example, or use bright accessories not in the area of ​​the legs (a bright scarf around the neck, necklace, belt or belt at the waist).

Another very important rule: the length of the bottom should not end at the widest part of the leg. This effect will only enhance the feeling of massive legs. But dark matte tights will visually make your legs look slimmer. Also try this technique: wear shoes that match your skin tone, or the tone of your clothes – your legs will look longer and slimmer. Eliminate colorful tights and tights with bright prints and short tight skirts from your wardrobe.

Full calves and ankles

I decided to highlight this feature as a separate item, since it happens that the owners of slender legs are often worried about the presence of a wide ankle or massive calves. If you are worried about a similar problem, wedge shoes will save the situation, which visually stretch the lower part of the leg and make it slimmer and thinner. For the cold season, boots with a high bootleg are suitable, which will cover problem areas, but will not tighten the leg. Also get some pairs of dark matte tights.

Ankle or calf boots should be avoided. Choose sandals and sandals with thick straps. A thin strap can emphasize a fragile ankle, but on a more massive part of the body it will look awkward and only emphasize the flaw. The same negative effect will be produced by bracelets on the leg, so this jewelry is not recommended to be used.

So, we looked at the main ways of how to emphasize the advantages of the figure, as well as divert attention from the shortcomings. And our main task is not to get hung up on what we do not like in our appearance, but to pay more attention to the merits, emphasizing them in every possible way. Also, do not forget that almost any flaw can be turned into a dignity, into a “highlight”, into something that will distinguish us from the crowd. And I sincerely wish each of us to find our own special and unique style, which can be rightfully proud of.

Author of the text: stylist Svetlana Kramarenko
Photo source: Pinterest

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