Goulash from the USSR: a recipe for cooks in industrial canteens

In the Soviet Union, goulash was very popular in canteens and other catering establishments. A versatile dish that was taken apart very quickly. Thanks to him, it was possible to correct any defect or failure of the cook. Even the gray pasta, if it suddenly turned out, acquired a rather good taste. Interestingly, the meat in it, even with veins, was soft. It would seem that a special technology, a miracle recipe and a lot of tricks were needed, thanks to which the chefs achieved such a result. In fact, everything was done strictly according to the instructions.

Goulash recipe prescribed in the technological card

There were no special ingredients and marinades in the Soviet goulash / Photo: sm-news.ru

As it turned out, everything is quite simple and trite. No special marinades, devices, technical or culinary tricks were used here.

The set of products for goulash was classic and prepared according to the technological map / Photo: za-stol.ru

From the ingredients we took:

    • meat (the amount depends on its type: it took less pork than any other meat, and beef, on the contrary, more) – from 1,800 grams to 2,200 grams;
    • rendered fat of animal origin – 100 grams;
    • onions – 300 grams;
    • flour – 60 grams;
  • tomato puree – 200 grams.

Cooking method

The meat is cut into small pieces, preferably in the form of squares / Photo: blog.liebherr.com

Cut the meat into pieces weighing approximately twenty to thirty grams. It is best to have it in the shape of cubes. Unfortunately, such a result is not always possible, especially when it is cuttings or too stringy meat.

The meat must be fried until golden brown / Photo: povar.ru

It is necessary to fry it at high temperature in fat until it becomes a crust. For frying meat, they take part of the fat, and the second is left for browning other ingredients.

Tomato paste or puree is sautéed over low heat / Photo: pan-yteplyai.com

At the same time, tomato puree is sautéed in a separate bowl. Fat will need about five percent of its mass. The fat is melted and puree is added. The sautéing procedure takes 30-50 minutes. It should be borne in mind that we are talking about puree, not pasta. In the case of tomato paste, the processing time should be halved.

Fried meat is poured with broth and stewed for about an hour / Photo: kulray.ru

The meat brought to the required state is poured with boiling water or broth, mashed potatoes are added and covered well with a lid. This mixture is stewed for about one hour.

It will take about an hour and a half to cook goulash from childhood / Photo: m.ru24.net

Parsing of onions is also carried out on melted animal fat. Flour, pepper and salt are added here. The result is a special sauce. After stewing for an hour, perhaps a little more, the resulting sauce is added to the meat, and everything is stewed together for another half hour. About five minutes before complete readiness, lavrushka is added.
In general, cooking takes about an hour and a half. During this time, the meat becomes as soft as possible, but does not fall apart and acquires an amazing taste. Bon Appetit!

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