Firewater. The new shape of the bottle for mineral water can cause a fire

A water bottle shaped like a soccer ball was released for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But the laws of physics intervened in a beautiful marketing ploy: it turned out that it was an almost perfect lens, and in one of the St. Petersburg offices such a bottle almost caused a fire.

Few people know that any transparent container, both glass and even plastic, is fire hazardous. Sometimes the causes of forest fires were not even abandoned cigarette butts or unfired fires, namely bottles “forgotten” in the forest or their fragments – the passing sunlight was focused in an ideal way and set fire to dry grass. And the bottle in the shape of a ball is just the perfect lens.

“The readers told about the incident with the spherical bottle,” informs. a plastic ball with water, the light beam quickly burns through everything where it falls.

At first, the editorial office decided that this was a fake or the intrigues of competitors of the water manufacturer. Therefore, an experiment was appointed. A necessary bottle of “Holy Spring” … In order not to inadvertently burn the editorial office, we conducted a practical test on the Fontanka embankment. And here are miracles: less than a minute – and the paper is already burning, a little more – a matchbox flares up. Obviously, to start the process without human intervention, you only need a bright sun and randomness. “

At the same time, with an abundance of parameters that a simple plastic bottle must have in order for it to be certified by the state – to the material, its density, etc., the shape of the vessels is not described in any way. Do whatever you want! And they do not make spherical ones just because they will take up more volume during transportation. Manufacturers, in turn, advise customers to read the instructions on the label, and it says: “Store in a dry, darkened, ventilated room at a temperature of +2 to +25 degrees Celsius”, and not only for spherical bottles.

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