“Discovery of the Year” was made by scientists from St. Petersburg: this physical phenomenon will change everything

At the end of last year, a group of professors from the St. Petersburg Mining University and the Physics and Power Engineering Institute (Obninsk) made an incredible discovery that the world could not fail to appreciate. Their work lasted since 2010, and the results have deservedly received the status of “opening of the year”.

The new physical phenomenon will make it possible to increase the efficiency of ICBM control, create new autonomous nuclear installations, and even create spaceships capable of flying in extreme conditions of deep space.

Russian scientists were the first to cope with the thermionic thermal protection of hypersonic aircraft. In simple terms, surface-to-surface missiles will be able to fly much more accurately, without deviating from the course due to the loss of control of the missile by the operator. Or the spacecraft will become safer, as the discovery will reduce the negative impact on the ships and protect them more. And there are many more industries in which this discovery can be applied.

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor of the St. Petersburg Mining University Alekasander Mustafayev said that the team received International diplomas for their work, and the Mining University was an honorary certificate that the discovery was made at this university in the northern capital.

Mustafayev’s works are published in the most prestigious scientific journals. Moreover, not only Russian, but also foreign ones. He is the author of 12 patents, more than 500 methodological works, and now he is a participant in such an important discovery. Since 2010, the scientist has been leading an international scientific program on energy and plasma technologies jointly with Princeton University. However, their American colleagues failed to achieve the same heights in their developments as Russian scientists.

At the forums of the American Physical Society, St. Petersburg University is deservedly placed on a par with generally recognized scientific and educational centers.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, along with many other private companies, are already taking part in the creation of new promising technologies for the production of aluminum and silicone alloys. It remains only to wait until other technologies obtained as a result of the discovery will be introduced into production.

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