Different 100 grams: what is the difference between inexpensive and luxury vodka with the same composition

When it comes to the choice of alcohol, the consumer is often guided by his own preferences in terms of the taste or smell of the drink. And how, in this case, to choose the very “forty-degree”? Indeed, despite the fact that its composition does not change from brand to brand, its cost varies in a huge range. But in reality, there are a number of very objective reasons for such a price range.

The vodka seems to be the same, but the prices are somehow different. / Photo: unsplash.com

It would seem that there can be different in alcohol and water, that on store shelves you can find so many different price tags opposite different bottles of vodka. However, there is still a difference. So, for example, ethyl alcohol, which is used for the production of vodka, can be different in production. Accordingly, based on the differences in the cost of alcohol, the price of the final product also changes.

So, for example, in the production of high quality vodka, they take alcohol made from wheat or rye. Its name is appropriate – “Alpha”, in other cases – “Super”. The main advantage of this type of alcohol is the absence of starch in its composition, as well as various harmful impurities, such as methanol and aldehydes. In addition, this alcohol is subjected to several levels of purification.

Wheat or rye alcohol is of the highest quality. / Photo: alcoprof.ru

For the production of vodka in the middle price category, alcohol is most often used, which is isolated from grain, but also with an additional starch content. In some cases, beets are used as raw materials for alcohol. Ethanol of this type belongs to the “Lux” class. Despite the presence of starch in the composition, this alcohol is also purified in several stages and is considered a fairly high quality ingredient.

Beet alcohol is also good in quality. / Photo: nomnoms.info, doctorguber.ru

But the cheapest forty-degree product contains alcohol, which is made from potato starch. Ethanol of this type belongs to the “Highest purification” class, and its filtration takes place at a minimum level.

In fairness, it should be noted that another version of alcohol is made from potato starch, whose quality level is slightly higher than the previous one. This is an Extra class product. It also contains only potato starch, but a more serious cleaning technology is applied to it.

Potato alcohol can hardly be called a quality standard. / Photo: therumdiary.ru

Differences can be found in the second ingredient in vodka, water. Its quality, and, accordingly, the cost, is influenced by such factors as the level of purification and softening in preparation for use in the production of “forty-degree”. In addition, an important component of getting rid of harmful impurities from water is the filtration process, which can also take place using various technologies.

For vodka pure as a tear, the water must be appropriate. / Photo: tstosterone.ru

It is important to take into account that the cost of more expensive vodka also includes effective, and therefore expensive equipment, and the professional qualifications of production technologists – they are directly related to the manufacturing process of this product. However, all of the aforementioned elements do not make up the full cost of vodka.

The thing is that a lot of marketing components are also invested in the price of the finished product – in other words, brand promotion. Thus, the consumer, buying vodka of higher value, pays not only for high-quality alcohol, but also for a well-known name. The more popular a brand is, the more investment is spent on maintaining its popularity, which also affects the price tag.

The consumer pays even for the PR of the vodka who bought it. / Photo: bilgibudur.com

Another equally important factor that affects the cost of vodka is undoubtedly its packaging. You can pour a forty-degree product of the same quality into different bottles, and the price of the finished product will also differ. And in the end, even the strongest bottle of thick glass with a unique design and a beautiful label, for which the consumer also overpays, he will still throw away – the same fate awaits the cheaper packaging.

Beautiful bottles add value and also protect against tampering. / Photo: sredaobitaniyatv.ru

To be fair, it should be noted that the practice of using bottles with a unique design has one important function – protection against counterfeiting. The more complex the container design, the more difficult it is to falsify it. It is important to remember that no matter how beautiful the bottle is, there will be vodka inside with the same taste that can be found in other, cheaper containers. Therefore, choosing which vodka to buy – more expensive or cheaper – is a personal matter for each consumer.

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