China has created an engine that violates the laws of physics

Chinese experts have developed a working sample of EmDrive, the action of which cannot be explained within the framework of conservation laws, the Daily Mail reports, citing CCTV-2 TV channel.

The technical details of the invention are omitted. However, the video about the invention says that the engine will soon be tested in space.

EmDrive is a device consisting of a magnetron that generates microwaves and a resonator that stores the energy of their oscillations. This creates a thrust that cannot be explained by the law of conservation of energy. According to scientists, a power plant based on such an engine would allow humanity to reach the edge of the solar system in just a few months.

Previously, experts from NASA published a scientific work in which they argued that EmDrive really generates “constant” thrust, while neither fuel is spent, nor a directed beam of radiation is generated, which, according to experts, contradicts the law of conservation of momentum.

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