Bread, salmon and smoothies: 6 products that can hardly be called “healthy” in modern realities

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle simply cannot ignore the topic of healthy food, and on the Internet you can find hundreds of different dishes that seem to be prepared from the most suitable ingredients. However, not everything is so simple: products that should be useful by definition, for various reasons could have long lost their status of “correct”. Violation of production technology, marketing gimmicks or just time – all this sometimes has an irreversible effect on the quality of goods, and eating them no longer brings the proper positive effect on the body. We would like to bring to your attention 6 products that today cannot always be called “right”.

1. Salmon

Not everything is so simple with seemingly healthy salmon. / Photo:

The beautifully chopped red salmon and trout steaks that each of us looked at on store shelves, in reality, may not contain any fraction of the Omega-3 we need at all. The fact is that such fish are most often grown on farms, where they are fed mainly with grain. Wild-raised salmon are much more expensive and much more difficult to find. More often than not, the maximum benefit from store-bought fish is only in the high protein content, which is really good there.

Advice from you should also be careful with very large fish like tuna. Alas, the longer the fish lives in the ocean, which has long been unable to be called the standard of environmental friendliness, the stronger the concentration of heavy metals and other toxins will be in it. In this respect, the safest fish are the familiar mackerel, capelin and sardines.

2. Supplements with Omega-3

It is better to eat more fish than to swallow handfuls of dietary supplements. / Photo:

Today, online stores are literally inundated with various dietary and dietary supplements, but the records in popularity among them are beaten by those that offer us to saturate our body with an additional portion of the Omega-3 we need so much. But the usefulness of such drugs is greatly exaggerated. Fish oil, which is the most readily available source of this substance, is in contact with light during production and oxidizes, which simply negates all its positive properties. Therefore, you should pay attention to ordinary, but most importantly – high-quality fish. After all, the original source of Omega-3 is always better than any processed supplement.

3. Sports nutrition

It turns out that sports nutrition will not be useful for everyone. / Photo:

In recent years, the trend in sports nutrition has spread far beyond the gym. However, there are several important facts to know about this type of product. First of all, any sports nutrition is, in fact. refined industrial product, the main task of which will be to cause a sharp increase in insulin in the body – this is how these products stimulate muscle growth. And if a young strong guy or girl with good insulin sensitivity such foods really cause muscle gain, then people with excess weight or metabolic disorders of various types can only harm themselves.

In addition, not everything that is today called sports nutrition is really healthy. Manufacturers can introduce into the product not only ingredients that are frankly useless for losing weight and gaining muscle mass, but also those whose use can easily result in such unpleasant phenomena as insulin resistance, and increased appetite, and simply being overweight. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study its composition before buying this or that type of product.

4. Greens

Alas, greens are no longer as useful as we used to think. / Photo:

Who would have thought, but even with greens, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. Undoubtedly, greens are a rich source of fiber, and you cannot refuse it, but magnesium is much more useful in it. But with him now there are “overlaps”. The thing is that nowadays, greens are often grown in hydroponics, which is practically not enriched with magnesium, therefore, there is much less of it in parsley or dill than it could be. However, it is still worth using tasty-smelling twigs – there is still a lot of fiber in it.

5. Whole grain bread

Even with bread, you should be careful. / Photo:

In fairness, it should be noted that among other types of muffins, whole grain bread can be considered the most acceptable. However, before choosing it, like any other bread in the store, you need to make sure that you do not have gluten tolerance issues. But even if everything is in order with this, it is still difficult to be convinced that the bread production technologies have not been violated. Therefore, the best way to provide yourself and your family with quality bread is to make it with your own hands. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for specialized equipment that could satisfy the desire of the hostess to bake ruddy loaves on her own.

Another pitfall of whole grain bread is iron fortification. The thing is that it contains not the iron that is necessary for the human body. Moreover, it can damage the liver and intestinal microflora. Therefore, if you need to maintain the level of iron in your body, you must give preference to the so-called “heme” option, which is abundant in red meat and offal.

6. Smoothies

Newfangled smoothies are not worth drinking for everyone. / Photo:

As strange as it sounds, too many fruits and especially smoothies are also not as healthy as they usually seem. The thing is that in such drinks there is a huge concentration of fructose, however, as well as in freshly squeezed juices. And if for a healthy person, a portion of smoothie is unlikely to do much harm. Elderly people and those who suffer from insulin resistance should refrain from such drinks.

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