Astrophysicists have calculated the size and structure of the “ninth planet”

Astrophysicists at the University of Bern have modeled how the alleged “Planet X” evolved and what its characteristics are.

We are talking about a giant cold planet, the existence of which in the solar system in January announced by American astronomers. Scientists named it “planet nine”, RIA Novosti reports.

Christophe Mordazini and his graduate student Esther Linder calculated that the current radius of the planet is 3.7 that of the Earth, its mass is 10 times that of the Earth, and the temperature on it is -226 degrees Celsius.

The distance from the supposed celestial body to the Earth is about 700 times greater than from the Earth to the Sun. Scientists believe that despite the huge size compared to our planet, the celestial body is still too small for terrestrial telescopes. Previous studies of the solar system used equipment that could detect mostly celestial bodies 20 times the mass of the Earth.

According to scientists, “Planet X” is a “smaller version” of Uranus and Neptune – a small ice giant whose atmosphere is based on hydrogen and helium. The heat emitted by the planet is a thousand times greater than the absorbed solar energy. Therefore, astrophysicists believe that a celestial body has a source of energy besides the Sun.

At the beginning of the year, two astronomers from the California Institute of Technology – American Michael Brown and Russian-born Konstantin Batygin – announced the discovery of the ninth planet in the solar system, which does not even have a name yet. According to research, it revolves around the Sun at a distance of 20 orbits of Neptune. This is the so-called tip opening. This is approximately how Neptune was discovered: thanks to preliminary calculations of the orbits and disturbances in the motion of the planets, primarily Uranus, and other celestial bodies.

Meanwhile, the RAS believes that it is very early to say that the ninth planet of the solar system has been discovered.

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