9 things that are better to entrust to professionals, and not think that “I can handle it myself”

Often in an attempt to save money, people decide to do it themselves. However, the result does not always turn out the way it was originally intended. Novate.ru tells in what matters it is better not to rely on the deceptive simplicity of execution, but to immediately contact the professionals so that you do not have to regret and overpay.

1. Coloring or lightening hair

When dyeing your hair at home, you can get a completely different color that you wanted. / Photo: korolcat.ru

For some reason, there is a stereotype that dyeing your hair is not at all necessary in the salon. They say that there is nothing difficult in buying paint, mixing with an oxidizing agent and applying the mixture to the hair with a brush. One can agree with this opinion, but only taking into account the huge number of nuances. You can dye your hair at home if you do not change the color of the curls, but only refresh them or tint the roots – in this case, the selection of the desired dye should go without a hitch (although it is better to consult with the hairdresser who dyed you before).

Also, you must be familiar with the technique of applying paint, otherwise it will lie unevenly, and in pieces, will not be able to mask gray hair (if any). Before starting the procedure, you need to make sure that you have a cape on your shoulders and you know how to wash traces of the composition from the skin. An equally important question is whether you are allergic to paint components, so you should definitely conduct a test.

But even compliance with all these requirements cannot guarantee that you will achieve the desired result. Considering that hair can be dyed at least two weeks after the previous procedure, think several times – are you ready, in case of failure, to go with an ugly hairstyle?

2. Haircut

You can only trim the ends yourself. / Photo: beauty-arts.ru

During the past quarantine, a lot of photos and videos of how people cut their hair at home on their own appeared on the network. And if some of them got a relatively good result, then looking at the rest was both funny and scary. The question immediately arose in my head: why mock myself like that? Could two or three months spent in self-isolation really hurt your hair?

But if such experiments in quarantine can still be somehow justified, now we see no point in refusing to go to the hairdresser and cut hair on our own, especially if you want to make a complex haircut, for example, a square. The maximum that you can decide on is to slightly trim the tips if they are heavily split. In all other cases, it is better not to risk it and go to the salon to a trusted master.

3. Correction of the shape of the eyebrows

Only a few stubborn hairs can be removed with tweezers. / Photo: fashionapp.ru

It is one thing to remove a few stubborn hairs that are knocked out of the overall picture and spoil the shape of the eyebrows. And it is quite another to create it. The first can be done at home, armed with tweezers, but only a professional master can give your eyebrows a beautiful, neat shape that will look perfect on your face.

The option “watch on YouTube how to give your eyebrows the right shape” is a failure in advance. The blogger will show you the way and the form that is perfect for him and not for you. As for a professional, he will certainly take into account your type, the shape and features of the face, the thickness of the eyebrows. Then it will offer various options from which you will choose the final one.

4. Eyebrow tinting

When dyeing your eyebrows, it is important to give them a beautiful shape. / Photo: modamix.net

Another beauty procedure, which at first glance seems simple, but when it comes to direct staining, problems begin. The first mistake many girls make is the wrong choice of paint. Instead of choosing a professional product in the store, after consulting with a consultant, the fair sex decide to save money and change the color of the eyebrows with ordinary hair dye, which remained after dyeing the curls. We say right away that it is strictly forbidden to do this – so it is said in all instructions.

But even if the tool is selected correctly, where is the guarantee that you will be able to paint over your eyebrows well, giving them the perfect shape and the desired shade? Agree that professional cosmetics and skilled hand specialists still inspire much more confidence than home experiments.

5. Shortening or reshaping clothing

If you do not know how to work on a sewing machine, take your clothes to a tailor shop. / Photo: kto-chto-gde.ru

If you need to shorten the legs, sew a dress, change the length of the sleeve on the jacket, immediately contact a professional seamstress. The only exception can be when you have experience and skills in using a needle. In addition, you should know how one type of fabric differs from another, what threads can be used to work with this material, and so on. If there is no such knowledge and skills, go to the studio. It is unlikely that the cost of the services of a specialist will be too high, but you will definitely be sure that the thing will not be damaged.

6. Cleaning and washing of outerwear

It is not enough to put a jacket in the washing machine and turn on any mode. / Photo: mabon.ru

Tidying up outerwear is always a long and tedious process. You need to know what kind of filler is inside, whether the thing can be washed in the washing machine, and if so, what water temperature and type of detergent to choose, how to dry it properly, and so on. As you can see, there are a lot of nuances that should be taken into account, and if you miss something, the thing can be ruined.

We advise you not to tempt fate, but immediately contact the dry cleaner. The people who work there know about the peculiarities of the materials used in the sewing of outerwear, professional means and devices for cleaning are used. Yes, it will be more expensive than washing yourself, but you will be sure of the result.

7. Cleaning after renovation

Cleaning after renovation is difficult to do efficiently with your own hands. / Photo: realty.rbc.ru

After the renovation of the apartment, there is a feeling that a hurricane has swept through all the rooms: everywhere there are traces of paint and plaster, drops of glue, wallpaper trimming and other debris that spoils the whole impression of the new appearance of the apartment. And if the usual general cleaning can be carried out independently, using standard detergents, then professional cleaning, which involves polishing parquet and deep cleaning of carpets, is a task that specialists should be engaged in.

8. Housing zoning and wall relocation

Even drywall walls need to be cleaned after consulting a professional. / Photo: remont-podmoskovie.ru

Firstly, in order to change the layout and remove or build new walls, you need to contact government agencies. Without agreement with them, any layout will be considered illegal. Secondly, having no idea about the laws of architecture, you can set it up that not only your family, but also your neighbors will be in danger. It is better to invite a specialist so that he immediately explains all the details of the work. It is possible that he will offer you other zoning options, for example, screens, glass partitions, visual techniques, and you will abandon the idea of ​​moving the walls.

9. Cooking a complex dish

It’s better not to experiment with holiday dishes. / Photo: pinterest.ru

Experiments in the kitchen are quite a common thing, because housewives, wanting to surprise their family members, are always trying to find and use a recipe for a new delicious dish. However, if you are having a holiday and you are expecting guests, you should not try to create a culinary masterpiece, the preparation process of which you have only a vague idea of. There is no guarantee that the dish will turn out delicious and beautiful – it is quite possible that it will burn, lose its shape or have an unpresentable appearance. Better to rehearse in advance or order food from a restaurant – then you definitely won’t have to blush in front of your guests. Or you can learn How to cook delicious fish: 5 recipes from Gordon Ramsay. The chosen dish will definitely work out the first time.

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