9 simple tips to eat less but fill up faster

The secret to successful weight loss is simple – you need to consume fewer calories than you spend during the day. For this method to work exactly, experts advise to reduce the calorie content not of individual dishes, but of the entire diet. Novate.ru shares proven methods that will help you eat less, but absolutely not focus your attention on it.

Tip 1: eat from small dishes

A small plate will help trick the brain. / Photo: xudenkaya.ru

Let’s start with the simplest. To reduce the calorie content of your diet, you need to reduce the portions of food you consume throughout the day. To do this, use small dishes, for example, instead of a standard dinner plate, take a dessert one. The same goes for cups from which you usually drink coffee with milk (as you know, this drink also negatively affects the state of the figure).

You will put less food in a small plate than in a large one, but at the same time, you will quickly satisfy your hunger and want to eat too much. Due to the fact that the dishes remain empty, you will feel full, and the brain will not notice the catch. Also, there will be no temptation to finish eating two tablespoons of soup or buckwheat left in the plate, which you no longer want. The key to proper, healthy and mindful eating is the ability to stop in time and know the measure. Remember how often you finished your portion just to keep the dishes empty and not have to think about where to put the leftovers from the dinner.

Try to eat slowly, deliberately, chewing each bite thoroughly. This is necessary so that the brain has time to “fix” the saturation signal. If suddenly you did not pay attention to the weight of the dish that you ordered in the restaurant, and it turned out to be unexpectedly large, just take part of the portion home. You should not fill your stomach to capacity just because you want to empty your plate or feel sorry for the money spent.

Advice: Listen to your body and clearly capture the moment when it sends a stop signal. So you will save yourself from overeating and, accordingly, from extra pounds.

Tip 2: share dessert with friends

A piece of chocolate cake can be eaten with a friend. / Photo: sterhluki.ru

If you can’t resist sweets and instead of a salad in a restaurant you always order a piece of chocolate cake, it is not surprising that the weight is growing by leaps and bounds. We’re not encouraging you to ditch desserts altogether, but it’s best if you adopt the following trick: share the sweets with your friends. For example, order one Honey cake for two, or just offer to eat half of your serving.

By the way, this rule can be applied not only in relation to desserts, but also in the case of other harmful dishes that cannot be eaten on a diet (at least in large quantities): pasta, pizza, set of rolls, high-calorie salad. Thanks to this, no one will eat too much, and you can share with your friend your impressions of the ordered dish.

Tip 3: order a large plate for everyone

Order a set from a Japanese restaurant for all colleagues. / Photo: peopletalk.ru

Research has shown that most of the time people overeat alone. And this is not surprising, because out of boredom, hands themselves reach for an extra sandwich or candy, regardless of how hungry a person is.

If possible, dine with a large company. This way you will not get bored and satisfy your hunger faster without overeating. A large plate at all will not allow you to eat a couple of extra portions, because it will be embarrassing in front of friends and colleagues. Still, when several pairs of eyes are watching you, the desire to reach out to the next slice of pizza, for example, abruptly disappears.

Tip 4: say no to sugary drinks

Cola is high in calories, unlike ginger tea

For some reason, when it comes to calorie content, everyone thinks about food, but no one pays attention to drinks. Lemonades, juices, sweet soda, coffee – all this is not able to satisfy hunger, but is deposited at the waist.

You can reduce the calorie content of the diet by eliminating sugary drinks from the menu. They can be found no less tasty, but more useful counterparts. For example, instead of soda, you can drink water with lemon and honey, instead of coffee – ginger tea or drinks with caffeine, but without sugar and milk. Refuse also from packaged juices – there may be less sugar in them than in soda, but they still have a negative effect on the figure. Fresh are much more useful. The same goes for alcohol. Of course, it is better to refuse it altogether, but if at a party friends do not accept excuses, opt for a glass of dry wine. But avoid beer and sweet cocktails.

Tip 5: make smart sandwiches

A healthy sandwich with vegetables and chicken. / Photo: itusha.ru

Hearty sandwiches are our everything. They are very simple and quick to prepare, while being quite nutritious. Unfortunately, their calorie content in most cases leaves much to be desired. What to do?

We suggest making smart sandwiches by depriving them of unnecessary calories. So, for example, you can cook a delicious dish with not two, but with one piece of bread, and make hot sandwiches on the grill or in the microwave, giving up the pan with butter. If you like sandwiches with meat, vegetables and sauce, then choose diet chicken, low-calorie cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage, sour cream instead of mayonnaise. Another simple yet effective way to cut calories is to replace white bread with whole grain.

Tip 6: drink water

Drink water 15-20 minutes before meals. / Photo: pochemuha.ru

Sometimes overeating occurs due to the fact that we sit at the table too hungry. As a result, the body does not have time to tune in to food intake and gives a signal of fullness after a double portion of mashed potatoes with meat has been eaten.

So that you can fill up on a small amount of food, drink water at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. That is, if you weigh 50 kg, you should drink one and a half liters of water per day. So you will not only speed up your metabolism, but you will also know for sure when you really feel hungry, and when you just want to drink, but you confuse these two sensations. Doctors advise you to drink water 10-15 minutes before a meal to start your metabolism. As a result, the hungry stomach will be full and will not want to “gain” too much at the table.

Tip 7: Give preference to salads

Salad is also fast food, but healthy. / Photo: kideat.ru

Are you used to ordering fast food for lunch? Then swap out burgers, deep-fried wings and fries for vegetable salads. This is the same fast food, but it has a lot less calories. Try to eat a light salad before the main course: the vegetables that make up it are rich in fiber, which is responsible for the feeling of fullness. This way you can fill up with a very small portion of food. If you often cook salads at home, replace mayonnaise with vegetable oil, adding herbs and spices.

Tip 8: Replace foods

Choose black instead of milk chocolate

You can reduce the calorie content of the diet simply by replacing one dish with another. For example, instead of milk chocolate, you can eat black – there will be fewer calories and excess sugar, but the benefits will be much greater. Replace pork with dietary chicken or an idea, bananas with apples, and canned fish in oil with a product in your own juice. For coffee, a latte that is high in milk can be substituted for a calorie-free espresso. It’s the same with salads: instead of Caesar, order vegetable. The list is endless, but the bottom line is that you should always look for a healthier and healthier alternative.

Tip 9: don’t get distracted

Concentrate on the food you eat during your meal. / Photo: 123ru.net

Combining food with work, phone calls, playing a computer game, or watching a movie is the biggest mistake you can make. All of this is distracting and makes you eat a lot more than you really want. Just put your smartphone away for the duration of your meal, and you will be surprised how quickly you become full, and what tiny portions you get by. Eating should be conscious: this applies not only to the choice of dishes, but also to the very process of eating food.

As for sweets, you don’t have to give them up. The main thing is to use tips from the article 5 favorite desserts, the calorie content of which can be halved.

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