9 basic things for women to look for in the men’s department, not in the ladies’ department

As soon as oversized things and slight negligence began to come into fashion, stylists vied with each other to recommend looking into the wardrobe of a guy or husband in order to borrow the clothes they liked. If the size of your boyfriend’s clothes doesn’t fit, head to the men’s department store. Novate.ru is sure – there you will definitely find clothes that will suit you.
First, let’s see why men’s clothes deserve your attention:

• They are longer – since men are on average taller, the length of sleeves, legs and the product itself will be longer, which is only for tall girls. A visit to the men’s department is sometimes the only chance to buy, for example, a sweatshirt that will normally cover the belly.

• They have functional pockets – if you put your smartphone in the pocket of men’s pants, it will fall almost to the knee and will definitely not fall out. As for women’s pockets, in most cases they are small and shallow, so the phone simply does not fit into them. But sometimes you don’t want to take a bag with you solely for the sake of a smartphone.

• There are interesting prints and colors – if earlier in the men’s departments one could find clothes of exclusively classic colors (white, gray, black), now the palette has expanded. And this plays into the hands of not only guys, but also girls, because in the women’s departments the same pink is always too provocative, but in the men’s ones you can find a softer shade. It’s the same story with prints – they can be beautiful, ironic, original.

• They are really basic – attempts to find a basic white or black T-shirt in the women’s department often lead to a complete failure: now the material is thin, now the sleeves are tapered, now the cut is fitted, now the decor has appeared. But among men’s things there are no such nuances.

• They are cheaper – of course, once at a time it is not necessary, but on average, men’s clothing is really not that expensive. The “pink tax” is to blame for everything, according to which things aimed at girls are initially more expensive, regardless of material, style or brand.

What things are worth looking out for in the men’s department?

1. White shirt

White shirt goes well with jeans

And the list starts with the classic of the genre – a white shirt. The ideal option would be a model of a straight silhouette, without darts, made of 100% cotton. But you are unlikely to find it among women’s clothes. For purely marketing reasons, manufacturers of women’s shirts constantly want to embellish them – this is how ruffles, rhinestones, bows, colored buttons, stitched cuffs, a fitted silhouette and so on appear. Therefore, it is much easier and faster to find your perfect shirt in any men’s department (from H&M and Uniqlo to Zegna). If among all the presented items you find “the same”, take two shirts of different sizes at once – one in the “oversized” style, and the other more fitted.

When choosing clothes, you should definitely take into account your initial parameters. The fact is that for girls up to size 48, a shirt that will be a couple of sizes larger will definitely make them slim and graceful. But if you have a size 50, you should not count on such an effect. Yes, you will look beautiful in it, but visually achieving the 42nd size will definitely not work.

2. Casual shirt

Checkered shirt is a good addition to everyday style

Here you can really roam. You will be surprised to learn that in the men’s department there is a huge number of a wide variety of shirts, because this wardrobe item is considered the most popular among men. Checkered, warmed, denim, printed – choose the one that looks at you. Do not believe that you will look stylish in such clothes? Conduct an experiment: find a similar shirt in your husband’s wardrobe, make a set with it and look in the mirror – the image will surprise you in a good way.

3. Headwear

Cap trending in 2021

Think men’s hats are far from feminine? We hasten to reassure you. You can borrow at least four accessories from guys to complement your look. Among them are baseball cap, panama hat, hat, beanie hat. Surprisingly, in the men’s department there are many more hats, which differ in shape, color, texture. Therefore, if your goal is to find, for example, the perfect cap, then feel free to go to the shelves with men’s accessories.

4. Leather jacket

The leather jacket should be daring and brutal

Few people know that initially the leather jacket, like a suit or jeans, was an exclusively male wardrobe item. But after the designers adapted her for the fair sex, she lost all her identity. Therefore, many stylists recommend going to the men’s department for this thing. There you will not find a “calm” leather jacket, whose details have been leveled out over time and have become more feminine. But daring, defiant, made of rough textured leather – quite. This outerwear should be authentic, and it is unlikely that such an item will be found among female models.

5. Accessories

Men’s watch makes a woman’s hand graceful

A watch, a tie, a bag – all this can be easily borrowed from a boyfriend. If there is nothing suitable in his wardrobe, you know where to go. So, for example, in the men’s department chic backpacks are presented, the main advantage of which, in comparison with women’s ones, is their size. Everything will fit in such a bag. And the absence of unnecessary decor, comfortable shoulder straps and durability will be additional bonuses.

As for men’s watches, this purchase will also be more than successful. On a thin female hand, they look especially impressive, as they make the wrist more graceful. But here it is very important not to overdo it – if you are composing an image with an item of clothing from a men’s wardrobe, make sure that all other details are feminine.

6. Sweatshirt

Gray sweatshirt – a basic item in the wardrobe

A sweatshirt should not fit the figure and be fitted, but for some reason in the women’s departments such are often found. It is possible to find the ideal model, which does not need to squeeze with difficulty, and which sits freely, even dangles a little, just among men’s things. In length – see for yourself. You can give preference to the standard version, or you can choose an item that will pass for a dress.

7. Bomber

A lightweight bomber jacket perfect for a warm spring

Another basic thing that the designers mutilated as best they could. Women’s bombers are small, similar to the jackets of tin soldiers, often with embroidery and patterns, while you want the classics, as simple and concise as possible. Fortunately, men’s bombers are just that. For inspiration, you can look at the looks of Renata Litvinova, who loves to wear the oversized Vetements bomber jacket, or just look into the men’s department of Zara, H&M.

8. Denim jacket

Men’s denim jackets look voluminous on girls, which is what fashion requires

Short jeans, as well as models that barely converge on the chest, were at one time popular among girls. Fortunately, this period has long passed, and now the emphasis is on oversized models. Men’s denim jackets will come in handy, because they have collected the most relevant details: long sleeves and bulk.

9. T-shirt

White T-shirt should fit loosely, not tight

Women’s T-shirts are a sore spot for any stylist. Yes, there are a huge variety of models, but this is the main problem. There are a lot of T-shirts, there are few normal ones: ridiculous prints, inscriptions and logos, the absence of normal sleeves, rhinestones, stretchy jersey – it is difficult to look stylish in such clothes, and in fact it is included in the basic category. And all you need is a tight T-shirt made of natural material with a round neck and sleeves of standard length, which will keep its shape perfectly. In the men’s department, they are exactly like that.

A separate joy is the alcoholic T-shirts. If you love wearing them over a track top to the gym, or simply complementing your casual style, be sure to check out the men’s section. There you can easily find a large size piece with huge armholes – just what you need for the casual.

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