8 things that steal femininity and give awkwardness

Clothing has many amazing abilities: it creates a unique look, helps to make a good impression, gives self-confidence and increases self-esteem. However, there are things with the opposite effect that turn girls into gray mice, make the image awkward. Novate.ru tells what wardrobe items should be discarded in order to always look feminine and attractive.

1. T-shirt with cartoon print

Mickey Mouse T-shirt makes the look infantile

Such things look cute, touching, but absolutely not suitable for adult women who want to make a good impression and interest a man. They can be worn by teenage girls, students, but in a 30+ girl’s wardrobe, T-shirts with Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry look out of place. In extreme cases, they can be left for home, outings to the country and nature, but it is better not to use them for everyday, business and romantic looks.

You may well dwell on monochromatic versions of your favorite color (preferably, not ultra-bright) or models with a fashionable print (polka dots, a cage, geometric lines, etc.). In them you can broadcast sensuality, not infantilism.

2. Plastic beads

Plastic beads should be replaced with a chain

If you do not want to create the image of the director of a rural House of Culture or a singer of a folk song ensemble, get rid of plastic beads. From such a decoration blows mothballs, thanks to which others can immediately understand that you have long and hopelessly lagged behind fashion. We leave long beads in the history of Soviet fashion or keep them as a family heirloom, if you received jewelry from your grandmother.

Instead, you can complement the image with large chains, geometric products, and also put on several neat pendants at once, using the rules of maximalism. In summer, you should pay attention to the marine theme and replenish your collection with stylish jewelry with shells and natural stones – it is fashionable, relevant and beautiful.

3. Textile slip-ons

Sneakers look more stylish than slip-on sneakers

But these shoes are more typical for the wardrobe of a skater or cyclist, but not for a seductive girl who knows her own worth. A neat female leg in slip-ons looks more like a shapeless bast shoe and spoils the whole image. We are not yet talking about practicality – fabric slippers get dirty very quickly, become covered with dust, stains and lose their original appearance. Yes, they are comfortable, but at the same rate you can get the usual white sneakers or sneakers that stylists have already allowed to combine with any outfit. If you want more impressive shoes, pay attention to leather loafers – they look stylish, elegant, but at the same time become an ideal complement to a business style. Trust me, you won’t lose anything: the same flat sole and the comfort of slip-on sneakers, but the look is flawless.

4. Tight suit pants

Fittings are out of fashion for a long time.

If you follow fashion trends, then you know that loose business suits in men’s style are in trend right now. And all things that can be described as tight fit fall into the “anti-trend” category. Even if you do not follow fashion and do not want to follow the rules that the fashion world announces, think about how you look in tight pants. Firstly, they emphasize all the imperfections of the figure, even small ones. Secondly, the thin elastic fabric folds into an accordion on the knees, which looks sloppy. Thirdly, they restrain movement and do not give the desired comfort. If you don’t want boyfriend-style pants because you think they are unfeminine, check out the classic arrow model. Still better than tight-fitting pants, and there are many more combinations.

5. Wide elastic belt

The elastic belt should be replaced with a classic black belt

But this is already greetings from the 90s. Despite the fact that the model is as old as the world, it is still sold complete with coats, dresses, blouses. Instead of setting aside such an accessory on the back shelf of the closet, many girls consider it their duty to wear them in tandem with new clothes – it’s not for nothing that the belt came as a gift! However, such products look very cheap and undignified, the image immediately loses its attractiveness.

We advise you not to skimp on such accessories, buy two or three versatile, but really high-quality and stylish pieces to highlight the waist at the right time, to make the outfit much more interesting.
In 2021, wide belts made of leather and fabric came into fashion, which can be combined with any things, chains in one or several rows, corset belts, peplum, etc. You can also apply the rule of layering and put on several belts at once. The weaving around the waist of several belts of different lengths and widths at once is a hit of the season.

6. Long skirt with gussets

Leather pencil skirt is more stylish and versatile

Such a wardrobe item is also far from ideal, and therefore does not deserve space on the shelf of your closet. She not only throws on about five years by age, but also distorts the proportions. Petite girls look especially bad in a long skirt with wedges – their figure immediately becomes squat, height is hidden.

Better take a look at the collections of fashion designers – this year they presented to the public a huge number of diverse models for every taste. So, business ladies who love restraint and brevity will definitely appreciate the classic pencil skirt, and extravagant, daring girls will want to add a tutu skirt or a piece decorated with feathers to their wardrobe.

7. Slim blouse

Slim satin blouse looks old-fashioned

It is not clear why beautiful, confident girls wear short, tight blouses. They look strange, funny and absurd in any situation: at least in the theater, at least at work. Such models are suitable only for schoolgirls, but older women should forget about them forever.
A narrow blouse should be replaced with a loose oversized shirt or a semi-fitted model with a trendy print, such as polka dots. Young girls can give preference to bright blouses – red, turquoise, yellow. But ladies of an elegant age will prefer neutral pastel shades – beige, milky, pale blue, peach, etc.

8. Dress with large flowers

Large flowers on the dress make you look fat

The situation here is controversial. On the one hand, the floral print never goes out of style. Another proof of this is the images of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the American edition of Vogue magazine. A woman loves dresses with flowers, but chooses them correctly. So, in her wardrobe, you will not be able to find an outfit with large buds that make the figure look like a ball and plump. But small flowers are present on clothes.

In order not to risk it, include dresses in calmer colors in your wardrobe. They can be plain or with a fashionable print – thin vertical stripes, tartan check, polka dot pattern. Any of these models can be easily beaten with the help of accessories, as well as fashionable shoes.

We also advise you to exclude from your wardrobe Women’s items that have been draped over ten years to the real age

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