8 things that go to catwalk models, but look funny on “simple madam”

Despite the fact that in recent years body positivity is gaining great popularity, the collections of famous designers still represent tall, slender and incredibly beautiful models. Any clothes on them look amazing. But what about girls with a different build? Should they try to try on “catwalk” things, or is it better to abandon them in favor of the usual mass market? Novate.ru talks about those wardrobe items that are best avoided.

1. Jeans with a low rise

Christina Aguilera picked up the trend, but in vain

Surprising but true: this wardrobe item is back in fashion, although we are only used to wearing high-rise pants that successfully hide the hated sides. After the models walked the catwalk in such jeans, absolutely not worrying that they sit too low and risk exposing spicy areas at any time, Hollywood stars immediately picked up this trend.

But we vote to ensure that this wardrobe item remains on the back shelves of the closet. Firstly, such jeans tighten the body, flaunt extra pounds, cause discomfort (you can’t even bend over in them, because there is a risk that others will see what is not needed).

Please note: The aforementioned high-waisted trousers look much better. And the most important plus of such jeans is that they can be worn by girls with any size of clothes, even with the 42nd, even with the 48th. Low seating does not give such a chance.

2. Huge jacket

You can get lost in a jacket several sizes larger

After oversize came into fashion, removing tight-fitting things “from work”, almost all voluminous clothes began to be considered trendy. At first it was T-shirts and shirts, then sweaters, and now it came to pantsuits and jackets, in particular. Designers often dress their models in such things and they look great on the catwalk. But if in ordinary life you put on a jacket for work several sizes larger and say that this is the hit of the season, not everyone will understand. Such a wardrobe item is not very comfortable, it constantly falls off, it looks cumbersome on miniature girls, and visually makes the figure of plump ladies even larger. Therefore, it is worth considering several times before adding a bulky jacket to your casual style. Perhaps it will be more appropriate to look at an official event, as it will complement a business image, but you need to choose a jacket very carefully.

3. Panama

Panama turns a rural look

It is not entirely clear how the fashionable couturier came up with the idea of ​​offering panamas to girls as a trendy headdress, but the fact remains. Instances of basic shades from classic materials rarely appear in their collections. Much more often you can see trendy ones – from corduroy, patent leather, denim. Perhaps they really look stylish, but in hot weather, they are still much more appropriate than a model made from natural fabrics.

There is one more problem: if the panamas are treated neutrally abroad, in Russia they are perceived as a rural headdress. It is difficult to get rid of these associations, so any girl who decides to supplement her image with a panama hat automatically turns into a summer resident who does not know what high fashion is.

4. Transparent things

An organza blouse can look vulgar

Organza in various colors is the trendy fabric of the season. Designers have already figured out how to use it as efficiently as possible, and therefore began to sew luxurious blouses. The transparent garment looks great on models and mannequins, but how can you adapt it to everyday life? Models wear contrasting bras, but can you do that? Not all girls consider such outfits appropriate – for the majority they are associated with vulgarity and vulgarity. The only option is to put on a transparent blouse on top of the T-shirt, then decency will be observed. And still, for the office, such a top will be too frank, you are unlikely to feel comfortable, and for walks and restaurants it is better to choose something more appropriate, for example, a basic white shirt.

5. Sandals with thick soles

Massive sandals make the foot huge

It would seem that such sandals are a good option for the summer. They are not hot, comfortable, since there is no heel. However, their appearance is poor. Shoes with thick soles look rough and bulky, visually enlarge the leg (now imagine how a girl with a size 40 would look in them). However, the designers are not embarrassed by this – they claim that sandals look great with flying dresses and linen pantsuits.

We think that such a contrast is too much. There are a large number of really beautiful and appropriate shoes that do not stand out from the image and do not attract attention. Pointed toe ballerinas, graceful mules, platform sandals and so on. However, you can wear and match, so when buying shoes, build on your preferences and clothes in the closet.

6. Cycling shorts

Bright bicycles do not suit full girls

Cycling shorts, an oversized T-shirt and a banana at the waist – this image was a priority for the stars last year, and it seems not going to give up positions this year. But it should be understood that any tight bottom, be it leggings, skinny, pencil skirt, looks different on all girls. Tall and slender models, who show these clothes on shows, look great in cycling shorts. It is a little more difficult for overweight women of fashion, especially if the bottom ninety is in an unsatisfactory condition. In addition, the question arises how to adapt this sporty wardrobe item to everyday life. In training, on a walk, they will look good, but in other cases they will not be useful. Now it is better to fill the closet with universal things, and extravagant cycling shorts, especially with a print, are definitely not among them.

7. Dress with feathers

Dress with feathers is suitable for a cosplay party

Feathers, along with fringe, entered the top decorative elements of 2021. But if fringe can somehow be justified in everyday outfits, then feathers are definitely suitable only for the catwalk or, in extreme cases, for a secular party. In general, the original outfit will hang in the closet, waiting for its finest hour, but after the first use it will go to the bench, because the feathers will lose their original appearance. Such decor is very fragile and impractical – it is easy to spoil it. Therefore, you should not take risks and buy disposable outfits.

8. Fishnet tights

Fishnet tights are rarely appropriate.

Another extravagant detail in the image. Printed and fishnet tights can be found in many designs created by designers. And the most interesting thing is that bows with their participation are not laconic. In addition to pretentious tights, outfits include short skirts, vinyl jackets or velvet capes. It turns out very brightly, but hardly anyone will dare to put on such an outfit in ordinary life. Openwork products rarely look appropriate, especially in combination with things of the same style. Therefore, you should not risk it – it is better to give preference to ordinary tights of the shade you need. And remember that they must match in density with other clothes (you cannot wear a down jacket and nylon tights).

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