8 stylish looks with a sheepskin coat that are always in fashion

Jacket? Fur coat? Coat? Down jacket? We are sure that all these outerwear options are already boring and we want something brighter and more versatile. Such a wardrobe item is a sheepskin coat. It is warm, comfortable, and goes well with many things. Novate.ru offers several options with what to combine a sheepskin coat to make the image stylish, interesting and attractive.
The black sheepskin coat can be safely called a classic. Since its inception, it has never gone out of fashion – it just moved into the shadows, so that later it would triumphantly regain the palm. The sheepskin coat is suitable for girls of any height, age and configuration. It also has the following advantages:

• Comfort – this wardrobe item is ideal for women who lead an active lifestyle.

• Lightness – if we talk about pilot sheepskin coats, they are lightweight, unlike other outerwear, for example, a fur coat. And due to the shearling fur inside, sheepskin coats do not make the image heavier at all and look harmonious even in romantic and business bows.

• Versatility – many girls avoid sheepskin coats due to their rough cut. But now all fashion is built on contrasts, so a sheepskin coat comes in handy – it will look appropriate everywhere.


Combine suede pants with a sweater for a cozy casual look. / Photo: pinterest.ru

Unlike jeans, which look perfect with all types of outerwear, even with elegant fur coats, trousers are more complex in combinations. However, the presence of a sheepskin coat completely unties your hands, as it is perfectly combined with all types of trousers: culottes, bell bottoms, leggings and even sports ones. Whatever you put on in a pair with a sheepskin coat, the image will still turn out to be stylish and effective.


A pleated skirt, complemented by boots, looks very feminine in combination with a sheepskin coat. / Photo: glamadvice.ru

Here the situation is the same as with trousers – all styles of skirts will fit under a black sheepskin coat, from daring mini to romantic pleated ones. But stylists agree that the most successful and effective combination of outerwear with a skirt made in the spirit of a military.


The most fashionable combinations with a sheepskin coat will be kepi and beanie.

As for hats, there is a little less variability here. It is better to give preference to knitted plain hats or leather caps. If the sheepskin coat is black, the color of the headgear can be anything: match it to the outerwear or play in contrast.


With a sheepskin coat, both casual sneakers and elegant over the knee boots look great

Choose in the store those shoes that are most comfortable for you, because sheepskin coats look harmonious with everything. It can be feminine over the knee boots, sports sneakers or trainers, classic boots or ankle boots. As for the design, everything here depends directly on the sheepskin coat: if there is a pretentious decor on it, the shoes should be as laconic as possible, and vice versa – if the sheepskin coat is made in a minimalist style, the boots can be decorated with spikes and other decorative elements.

And now let’s talk more specifically about what kits can be created with a sheepskin coat:

1. Sheepskin coat + knitted dress

Warm dress can be mini or midi

A black sheepskin coat – with contrasting fur or matching the jacket – will look great in combination with a knitted dress in a neutral shade, such as beige, white or powdery. It can be either short or midi. Choose boots depending on the length you choose. Classic suede over the knee boots go well with a mini dress, and a long one can be combined with coarse black boots or knee-high boots with lacing on a flat run.

2. Sheepskin coat + leather skirt

Skirts of classic colors, in particular, black and brown, look beautiful

An oversized sheepskin coat up to mid-thighs will create a harmonious look with a leather skirt. The style of the bottom can be any: not only a short tight-fitting skirt looks spectacular, but also a model that smells of a fashionable brown color. In the first case, you can create a monochrome outfit by picking up a skirt, turtleneck, boots and tights to match the sheepskin coat, and in the second, go the other way – let the skirt and shoes match in shade, and the sweater will be contrasting. If you wish, you can even choose a sweater with an active print, for example, a leopard print. But keep in mind that in this case, the degree of insolence will be significantly increased, since two pretentious elements will converge in one image – a leather skirt and an animal print.

3. Sheepskin coat + light dress

Wear warm leggings or tight pants under a chiffon dress. / Photo: zen.yandex.ru

Despite the fact that it is customary to wear a sheepskin coat in winter, and therefore it is associated with warm things, if desired, it can be combined with lighter clothes, for example, a chiffon dress. If it shines through, you can safely wear black leggings or skinny pants under the dress. An interesting addition to the look will be brutal boots with a buckle, similar to cowboy ones, as well as black sunglasses.

4. Sheepskin coat + leather pants

With leather pants, you get a brutal look. / Photo: cosmo.ru

A sheepskin coat looks no less impressive in a total look. For example, black leather pants with a decor in the form of locks, a cashmere turtleneck, brutal patent leather boots with heels and a laconic backpack bag will become the basic basis of this look. If an outfit in black looks too gloomy for you, you can add contrasting spots – instead of boots, wear white sneakers or take a red clutch.

5. Sheepskin coat + jeans

Straight blue jeans are suitable for a casual look, and black skinny jeans for a business look.

Truly, a win-win for any occasion is a combination of a sheepskin coat and jeans. A stylish option that’s perfect for work would be a combination of black skinny, a blue shirt, a white sweater worn on top, and a dark sheepskin coat with a light fur collar. As shoes, both classic ankle boots with heels and flat boots are suitable if comfort is above all for you.

A more casual look is a combination of an elongated brown sheepskin coat and straight blue jeans. As they say, both in the feast and in the world. For a fresh, effortless look, opt for a white turtleneck and matching pointed shoes. If the boots are long, tuck the jeans a little. It won’t be cold, but add a little audacity + demonstrate your knowledge of trends.

6. Sheepskin coat + classic trousers

Depending on the occasion, choose light or dark trousers under a sheepskin coat

To create a business look, we suggest choosing an elongated light-colored sheepskin coat, a contrasting turtleneck and cropped trousers with a tone, slightly flared towards the bottom. Ankle boots are suitable as shoes (if it is not cold outside) or high boots that will cover the bare section of the leg formed due to the shortened legs.

Another option is a monochrome outfit in beige tones. A thin knitted sweater, warm trousers tucked up at the bottom, and a romantic sheepskin coat with light fur combine to create a romantic look, suitable for work, date and restaurant.

And if you see that the outerwear is not in the best condition, find out How to clean a sheepskin coat at home with penny means without spending money on dry cleaning

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