8 spring looks to help retirement women feel stylish and elegant

Most women, after retirement, decide to abandon bright outfits in favor of more practical clothes in dark colors. But this approach works against them – such shades do not make you look younger, but on the contrary, visually make you look older. Novate.ru offers the right approach to composing your wardrobe in order to shine in all its glory in the spring, as well as adopt several successful images.

Look 1: With pants

Black and white pants look equally beautiful

Trousers are a real lifesaver for any woman of elegant age. They can be worn in the office, for a cultural event, for a walk in the park or for a friendly get-together in a cafe. However, not all models will look the same. We propose to opt for win-win options – direct copies, as well as slightly narrowed models. As for the color, it can be deep and rich, for example, burgundy, or light if you buy trousers at a time when spring has already fully entered its own rights.

In late April or May, you can put together an interesting bow with white trousers with arrows, a black top and a light striped cardigan. A wide bracelet, long necklace and sunglasses can harmoniously complement this outfit. As for shoes, sandals with a small comfortable heel are perfect for this.

Look 2: With jeans

Different color jeans are suitable for different occasions

Next to the trousers in the wardrobe of a 55+ woman must be jeans. They are comfortable, versatile, suitable for ladies of any body size. The most important thing is to choose the current model and choose the right style that emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Almost everyone goes for classic straight models, as well as jeans with bell bottoms from the knee. With such clothes, you can easily create any outfits, look beautiful, young and attractive.

For casual looks, opt for classic denim pants, or black jeans for a more dressy look. It is not at all difficult to follow the classic style with such a wardrobe item – just combine it with a blouse and jacket to look elegant, but at the same time, restrained and concise. A colorful scarf and a small clutch bag on a chain can become a bright accent in such an outfit.

Look 3: With coat

Choose a plaid coat or a deep green model

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to think of some looks for those days when the weather will be like a roller coaster. At this time, outerwear will be the main element of any outfit. Designers recommend that ladies of an elegant age wear a classic coat of a straight or fitted cut. Beige pieces will become classics, but if you want to add brightness to everyday looks, then you can give preference to red, green and yellow. Fans of dark shades can choose a model with an original decor to make the look more interesting.

So, a single-breasted coat in navy blue with floral embroidery will look great. Under it, you can wear a classic white shirt, black tights, a pleated skirt and patent leather shoes with lacing on the platform (they will add a touch of insolence to the image). Do not forget about the bag – a white printed clutch will successfully complement the composed ensemble.

Look 4: With a skirt

A long skirt goes well with a cropped jacket. / Photo: pinterest.ru

Spring is the time to create stylish looks with skirts. All mini models should be immediately excluded from the wardrobe, replacing them with midi clothes. This length is very elegant, feminine, versatile – just what a woman of age needs. Choose a style based on your needs and type of figure: the skirt can be straight, trapezoidal, pleated, year. Do not forget about everyone’s favorite pencil skirt – office and business outfits will definitely not do without it.

Here’s an inspirational look that’s fresh and light: a long beige pleated skirt, a classic milky turtleneck and a trendy checked cropped jacket. A laconic chocolate-colored frame bag and sunglasses will perfectly complete the look.

Look 5: With a pantsuit

The suit can be plain or with a print

Even if you are far from a business lady, a trouser suit will still come in handy and become a real find. Firstly, it instantly creates an elegant image, and secondly, it makes the figure visually slimmer. Thirdly, it goes well not only with a classic blouse or shirt, but also with a turtleneck, T-shirt, thin cashmere sweater. Yes, and you can pick up quite a variety of shoes, because the times when only high-heeled shoes were in harmony with a suit are long gone. Now you can safely complement it with boots, sneakers, mules, sneakers and other options that you like.

The colors are of your choice. If you follow fashion and like to be in trend of all new products, then you can get a checkered suit in a neutral shade. Wear a thin, soft pink sweater under your jacket, and choose long beads and a classic black belt with a round buckle for an accent.

Note: Another option is a powdery suit with skinny pants and a double-breasted blazer with black buttons. Choose a blouse to match, but a bag – a contrast one. Delicate mint color will look perfect. Introduce a pair of white powder-sole sneakers to the mix to instantly jazz up the outfit.

Look 6: With a cloak

The brick-colored cloak goes well with a blue shirt dress. / Photo: elle.ru

If a coat is perfect for creating elegant looks, then a raincoat is for spectacular ones. Stylists recommend avoiding short models and choosing knee-length and lower pieces instead.

Harmoniously combine a brown raincoat, a blue shirt dress, black leggings or tight pants and light sneakers. The image will be diluted with a printed black and white bag, round glasses and a trendy chain in several rows. And no one will even guess how old you really are.

Look 7: With a blouse

A green blouse refreshes the look. / Photo: pinterest.ru

When the weather has stabilized and will delight you with warmth, you can take out a blouse from the closet. For ladies 55+, stylists recommend choosing clothes from natural fabrics, for example, silk, cotton, satin, without pretentious decor in the form of bows, ruffles, flounces, frills. As for the color, the blouse can be plain or with a fashionable print – polka dots, plaid, with vertical stripes. But flashy shades should be avoided – they will attract unnecessary attention and will look inappropriate.

For work, put together a black skirt, a milky blazer and a green silk blouse. A snake-print folder bag, a chunky tonal necklace and black sunglasses add the finishing touches. You can also add a massive yellow metal bracelet – this season’s hit.

For a casual outfit, consider a navy blouse, skinny black jeans, and a mint coat. Do not forget about accessories: a turquoise bracelet, a massive square ring and earrings made of natural stones will combine all the details of the image into a single picture and make it truly harmonious. As for the bag, it can be traditionally black, but with an original long handle with a snake print.

Look 8: With a jacket

A simple leather jacket always looks pretty. / Photo: livemaster.ru

A jacket is a great option for comfortable, relaxed everyday outfits. Pay attention to the models made of velvet, suede, leather. The style can be any – fitted, straight or oversized. A great option for every day is a burgundy leather jacket, a warm mustard-colored sweater, black trousers and matching boots with a small heel. The bag can be matched to the color of the outerwear, and as an accent – a red scarf and sunglasses-drops. It turns out concisely, harmoniously and universally for any lady.

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