8 near-eternal foods that have a shelf life of years

Today, when buying any product, you can see the expiration date on the packaging. However, for some products, the dates of end use are indicated rather tentatively. The thing is that such goods have such long shelf life that they can be called long-livers. We bring to your attention the “eight” products that can be stored for years.

1. Salt

Salt is one of the main long-livers in the kitchen. / Photo: normit.ru

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the title of long-liver in relation to salt does not seem to be something surprising, especially considering the ways in which it is mined – it is in water and earth for a huge amount of time and does not lose its properties. The same thing happens on the shelves of our kitchens: when stored properly – in a cool and dry place – the most famous spice can last for several years in a usable state.

2. Sugar

The main sweet product can also be stored for many months. / Photo: menslife.com

The case with sugar is similar to salt: it can be stored for years without losing its properties. And this applies to any type of this sweet. Of course, in order for sugar to be in a usable state, it must be stored properly. In this case, the rules are also the same as with other bulk substances: they should be kept in special closed jars, avoiding warm places with high humidity.

3. Honey

Honey, it turns out, is practically immortal. / Photo: smak.ua

Another sweetness that has a much longer shelf life than most of us think. In a sense, he can be considered practically “immortal”. The whole secret of honey longevity lies in its composition: simple sugars, which are formed due to fermentation, have bactericidal properties, so it cannot deteriorate from the action of organic matter. Even after the sugar is crystallized, or “candied”, it can be safely consumed, because it does not lose its properties.

4. Soy sauce

Another product that lasts for years. / Photo: foodandmood.com.ua

Soy sauce is a difficult product to spoil. Therefore, most of us will cook something using it, and then put it in the refrigerator and forget for the near future. But in the case of soy sauce, such a decision is quite normal: if the product is natural, then it can be stored literally for years without the threat of losing its properties.

5. Powdered milk

Powdered milk, unlike fresh milk, is a long-liver. / Photo: pinterest.de

Many of us know that the shelf life of dairy products, especially natural ones, is rather short. However, there are exceptions to all the rules, and in this case it is milk powder. The truth here is to remember: unopened packaging of this product can really be stored for years and not deteriorate. But if you store it open, then the expiration dates should be monitored more carefully – after all, milk, albeit dry, can go bad.

6. Strong alcohol

Cognac only gets better over the years. / Photo: popmech.ru

Alcohol, like honey, is not “attacked” by all sorts of bacteria and microbes that can make it go bad. And here there is a pattern: the higher the strength of the drink, the longer the shelf life. Actually, this is not surprising, because alcohol is aged for years, which makes it only tastier.

Advice from Novate.ru: it is necessary to properly store whiskey, cognac or other alcohol in a dark, cool place, but a refrigerator is not suitable for this purpose.

7. Beans

Beans, it turns out, can be stored for a quarter of a century. / Photo: metaphysican.com

Legumes, in principle, are long-livers in terms of shelf life, but beans are the absolute record holder among them. It turns out that it is capable of not losing its properties for 20-40 years. However, it is important to comply with the storage conditions for these legumes: the packaging for them must be airtight and only in a dry place.

8. White milled rice

White milled rice can be stored for half a life. / Photo: vsvoemdome.ru

Cereals also boast a long shelf life, but white polished rice stands out in this case. It simply amazes with its “longevity”: as it turns out, it can be stored for up to forty years. And it does not require special conditions: cereals can be kept in the same way as other bulk products. The only clarification is that it is advisable to monitor the temperature regime and prevent its jumps.

It is important to know: only white polished rice is considered “almost immortal”. But unprocessed brown rice is the other way around – due to the high moisture content in the grains, it can be stored for only six months.

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