8 life hacks on how to save a hairstyle after a hat and not turn into a dandelion

It’s the time of cold weather, which means that it’s time to get warm hats out of the bins. Girls always do this with great displeasure, because if you wear a hat, you can say goodbye to voluminous styling and beautiful complex hairstyles. In addition, the hair begins to electrify, which also causes a lot of inconvenience. Novate.ru explains how to reduce the number of hats problems to a minimum and always look great.

Tip 1: don’t go out with wet hair

Blow dry your hair well before leaving the house. / Photo: sm-news.ru

If you are used to washing your hair just before going outside, do not forget to blow-dry your hair well. If the curls remain even a little damp, the hairstyle will take the shape of a hat. It will have about the same effect as if you fell asleep with wet strands. Ideally, wash your hair about two hours before leaving the apartment. Yes, sometimes it is quite difficult to do this, because you have to get up at 6 in the morning to have time to get ready. But on the other hand, your ideal styling will be safe and sound, and you definitely won’t get sick from poorly dried hair.

Tip 2: Get the Right Care

In autumn and winter, use intensive care products. / Photo: irecommend.ru

In the cold season, hair loses its shine, becomes dull and begins to tangle. There is nothing critical in this, just in this way the hair adapts to negative external factors, such as frost, wind, and sudden temperature fluctuations. To help your curls survive this difficult period for them, give preference to a line for dry and colored hair: extra care will definitely not hurt them.

Also try to wash your hair with water at room temperature, as boiling water and ice jets can completely strip the strands of moisture and turn them into dry ropes. At the same time, the conditioner can be washed off with cool water – this trick will make the strands shiny.

Caring masks should be done once a week. It is not necessary to give preference to expensive branded products. You can easily opt for plain grape seed oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. Apply the product along the entire length of the hair, avoiding the roots, and leave for an hour, then rinse thoroughly. So the hair will look beautiful, well-groomed and become more resistant to external pressure, in particular to the hat.

Tip 3: avoid styling products

Use thermal protective bulking agents instead of mousses

In autumn and winter, it is better to refuse to use gel, varnish and other styling products. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, if it doesn’t have time to dry, the result will be the same as with wet hair. Secondly, mousse in hair + hat + dirty hair effect. Even if you just washed them, the hairstyle will still look messy. The only remedy that can be your good assistant is a volumizing spray with a thermal protective effect: after it, the hair will not stick together.

Tip 4: buy a quality hairbrush

A plastic brush will electrify your hair, but a wooden one will not.

If every time you take off your hat, your reflection resembles a dandelion, it’s time to think about the quality of your comb. The best option is considered to be a device made of antistatic material, such as wood or silicone. Thanks to such a brush, the hair will not become electrified and, accordingly, the styling will remain in its original form. Of course, a comb with plastic teeth is much cheaper, but after using it, your hair will look just as cheap.
Another option, how you can protect your hair from electrification, is to drip a little rose oil onto the teeth of the comb. This remedy is a natural antistatic agent, and therefore will preserve the pristine beauty of the hairstyle.

Tip 5: do braids

Instead of voluminous hairstyles and styling, weave braids

Late autumn and winter are the perfect time for volumizing hairstyles. Yes, for a while you will have to give up the dream of repeating the image of the model from the shampoo advertisement, but this limitation has its advantages. You can practice weaving all kinds of braids. Romantic spikelets, daring fish tails, French waterfalls, voluminous Dutch braids – all these hairstyles are a real hit of the season. You will not only save your hair from unpleasant consequences after meeting with a hat, but you will also be in trend.

Tip 6: keep your hair warm

Hair must be carefully tucked under the hat

If braids are not your option, and you prefer to walk with your hair loose, make sure that you are in no less contact with the cold wind and other negative external factors. Before going outside, gather the strands in a low bun so that the hat sits on your head without any problems, and when you enter the room, just loosen it and fluff your hair a little. This will not only prevent split ends, but you will also get natural waves and volume. Naturalness is in vogue now, so even if you get a slightly sloppy hairstyle, there will be nothing criminal in this.

If you have bangs, be extremely careful with them. Hairdressers recommend raising it at the roots, then throwing it up and carefully putting on a hat. Remember to keep your hair completely dry (see first point).

Tip 7: choose the right hat

Synthetic caps harm hair

To make your hair less electrified, and the styling does not turn into an “explosion at a pasta factory”, buy a hat exclusively from natural material. Another important nuance concerns the spaciousness of the hat: in autumn and winter, the blood circulation of the scalp is significantly hampered, therefore, a tight headdress is contraindicated. It will not only worsen the condition of your hair, leave an ugly mark on your forehead, but also ruin your hairstyle. Even the most obedient shape and volume will deflate under the pressure cloth, like a balloon.

Tip 8: Massage your head

Scalp massage restores volume to hair. / Photo: sevsity.ru

If you cannot imagine yourself without volume, then after removing the hat, do the following: lower your head down, gently massage the hair at the roots, moving from the back of the head to the forehead, for half a minute. Such a simple but effective massage will help increase blood flow to the hair follicles, restore volume to the strands and eliminate the creases that have appeared due to the headdress.

We hope that our tips will help you stay beautiful always, no matter what the weather is outside the window. And if you still have not decided on a hat, read the article 7 fashionable hats to look like a beauty, not a cluck from the village.

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