8 kitchen innovations that will make the process of cooking easier for housewives

A useful purchase for the kitchen, which any housewife will be happy with.
There is always something missing in the kitchen. A more comfortable pot, a new silicone spatula, or a set of cutlery. These are purchases that are often postponed for later, because they are not particularly urgent. But without some useful additions, the kitchen really gets tough. Novate.ru offers several practical and highly effective additions, thanks to which cooking will become much more enjoyable and faster.

1. More fire

A creative kitchen appliance that makes dishes even more interesting. / Photo: youtube.com

With this device you can easily provide your dishes with appetizing crust and pleasant ruddy color. It is suitable for making pies, other desserts, meats, fish, hot sandwiches, browned vegetables and more. Using the device is as simple and safe as possible, so even novice cooks can handle it. The intensity of the fire is adjustable.

2. Slicer for bananas and other fruits

A useful purchase for the kitchen. / Photo: youtube.com

This simple slicer helps you cut perfectly smooth fruit slices quickly and safely. It is intended for banana, but it also does a great job at dividing kiwi, strawberry, mango and other soft fruits. Pieces of fruit are collected in an open bowl, which is located above the knives, from where it is then convenient to immediately transfer them to a plate in a larger portion. With such a device, making beautiful slices, fruit salads or porridge dressing will be as convenient as possible. Another undoubted plus of this slicer: it can be washed in the dishwasher.

3. Convenient egg divider

The problem of separating yolk and protein will never arise in your kitchen again. / Photo: happytappi.com

The egg separator is a useful invention for those who often like to cook dishes with eggs. With its help, you can quickly and without pain to separate the yolk and white. Any jar with a neck diameter of 7 cm can be turned into a useful gadget for the kitchen by the divider. The divider cover is made of stainless steel, therefore it is hygienic, does not impart any third-party odors or tastes to the egg. The egg separator can be washed in a dishwasher.

4. Container for longer storage

With such a container, food will be stored twice as long. / Photo: youtube.com

The container with an airtight lid is ideal for storing fresh processed food. With it, they retain their appearance and taste for much longer. When you press the lid, all excess air is released from the container, which prevents browning and oxidation of the food. By removing the lid, the glass container can be used to beautifully serve dishes. A very convenient and stylish purchase for the kitchen, especially for storing salads, sauces, spreads for sandwiches.

5. Shellfish scissors

It is worth pampering yourself with delicious and gourmet foods cooked correctly. / Photo: youtube.com

Compared to regular kitchen scissors, these have 3 times the cutting force. They are specially designed for removing shells from shellfish: curved blades with small notches cut through the shell without damaging the meat. Additional functions provide areas for opening the shell. Safe and convenient storage is provided with a special lock, which is adjusted by a button. You can wash your clam scissors in the sink or dishwasher.

6. Heat resistant mat

Multifunctional rug that will become a real lifesaver in the kitchen. / Photo: youtube.com

The durable and sustainable finish on this rug makes kitchen work twice as easy. It perfectly withstands high temperatures, does not burn or melt. The rug can be used as a hot pad, splash mat, spoon pad, analog of a mitten, when you need to rearrange something hot. Together with the plate, he goes to the microwave to protect it from splashes and spills. And with this rug it is very convenient to open canned food and tightly closed jars. a useful addition will save a lot of time and effort on cleaning, and it can be easily washed with an ordinary detergent or by means of a dishwasher.

7. Universal cover

Definitely a must have for any kitchen. / Photo: youtube.com

To save space in the kitchen and at the same time feel comfortable while cooking, you need to pay attention to universal things. With their help, you can perform many tasks and save time. A great example is the universal silicone lid that fits pots and pans of various diameters. It does not heat up, so you can safely take it without a glove, and it also perfectly keeps the temperature and steam inside the container. On the underside of the lid, there are rounded stripes that allow you to quickly and accurately drain water from the pan when cooking eggs, pasta or other products.

Helpful Information: This cover is sold in several versions. Some of them are completely made of silicone, while others have a glass insert in the center. With it, you can always examine the inside of the pan and find out at what stage of readiness the products are.

8. Container with a convenient lid

It is extremely convenient to store meat and fish in such a container. / Photo: youtube.com

The airtight silicone seal on the container lid allows you to preserve the beneficial properties and freshness of meat, bacon, cheese and other weather-sensitive products for as long as possible. The grooved bottom keeps excess juice and moisture away from stored items. The transparent lid has a special date area where you can mark the expiration date and then erase and write again. The convenient cover has fastening on one side, and on the other side it is fixed with clamps.

By the way, we do not always prepare certain foods correctly. But there are some tips on how to eat well-known products “correctly” in order to get the most out of them.

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