7 signs of an outdated sweatshirt worn only by “aunts”

The fashion for some things sometimes returns, but this does not mean that you should keep outdated sweaters, turtlenecks and jumpers in the hope that in a few years they will become relevant again. Novate.ru offers to check the sweaters in your wardrobe on these grounds in order to determine which ones can be left and which ones should be said goodbye to without regrets, because they turn them into an “aunt”.

Feature 1: Short Sleeve

Not short, but voluminous sleeves are in fashion

If you mentally have already made up an image with a fashionable knitted vest, buy it. If you are in love with cozy oversized knitted sweaters, add one piece to your collection. But half measures in the form of a shortened sleeve are unlikely to benefit you, because such sweaters look awkward. They should warm, not leave your hands in the cold.

What to wear: The trend of the season is sweaters with puff sleeves. You can take on arms from any fashion collection. So, for example, the model from Isabel Marant has puff sleeves, Fendi demonstrated ultra-fashionable sweaters with exaggerated sleeves, and Versace opted for a cropped sweater with dropped shoulders in a school style.

Sign 2: Leopard print

Argyle print sweaters in fashion

You should be as careful as possible with animal prints, because they are very pretentious and capricious. If you choose the wrong one or add too much leopard to the image, you risk turning into a girl from the village who is completely unfamiliar with the concepts of fashion and style. It is only the Kardashian family who can afford to dress up in leopard clothes from head to toe, and think that they look expensive. Such luxury is not available to “mere mortals”. Therefore, either limit yourself to leopard pumps or a clutch, or learn the basic rules of how to wear clothes with such a print so as not to look provincial.

What to wear: Instead of leopard-print blouses, look for sweaters with a print called argyle. This is a Scottish cage that was once popularized by members of the royal family. A distinctive feature of the pattern is the presence of staggered rhombuses, as well as transverse stripes of contrasting colors.

Sign 3: Fake logo

Instead of a logo, it is better to choose a Scandinavian pattern

All people have different levels of wealth and clothing should be selected in accordance with it. There is nothing wrong with not making money like Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid or Zendaya, and therefore cannot afford luxury brands. But the mass or middle market is open to you, and believe me, sometimes there are clothes that look much better than Dolce & Gabbana.

Basic solid colors or garments with stylish prints always look much better than a dubious jacket with a fake brand logo. It is better to avoid such wardrobe items, otherwise you will definitely catch the contemptuous glances of experienced fashionistas.

What to wear: How about adding a retro sweater with embroidered geometric prints and Scandinavian patterns to your collection? Believe me, this model is absolutely universal. It can be worn with trousers for work, with jeans for a walk, with a skirt for a date. Another option is to dress up for yourself, sit on a plush carpet near the fireplace and enjoy the taste of aromatic coffee.

Sign 4: Inappropriate decor

Beads sewn to a sweater cannot surprise anyone

We advise you to check your wardrobe for sweaters with cheap decor. If you suddenly come across things with sewn on beads, brooches, bows, beads and other inappropriate jewelry that you can neither remove nor tear off, immediately prepare a place for them in the trash can. You could walk in these in childhood, hardly anyone would have condemned, but if you are already an adult, with a developed sense of style, say goodbye without hesitation. Cheap knitwear with strange decorative inserts has never dyed anyone. Moreover, conciseness and minimalism are now in fashion, so plain turtlenecks will be more appropriate components of the wardrobe. If you want to add zest to your look and make it brighter, wear trendy jewelry. The main advantage of jewelry is that at any time you can remove and change it by updating your outfit.

What to wear: This season, layering has been taken to a new level with a new take on the iconic beloved trend. Designers recommend paying attention to stylish and original sweaters with imitation vests. For inspiration, check out the designs from Isabel Marant, David Koma and Alberta Ferretti.

Sign 5: Torn Sweater

The gray torn sweater should be replaced with a bright knitted one.

Perhaps the decor in the form of holes has the right to life, but only on jeans, shorts or skirts – this trend has long been resigned to and began to be actively worn. But on sweaters, it looks strange and inappropriate. Firstly, the thing will look clumsy, secondly, it will be far from practical, and thirdly, such clothes are clearly not for our climate. In the conditions of Russian winter and spring, you need to wear full-fledged warm sweaters, which, with the onset of warmth, smoothly turn into light turtlenecks, and then into tops and T-shirts. There is no time for jackets with holes that are “either smart or beautiful”.

What to wear: It is better to give preference to a high-quality basic product that can be worn both in a feast and in the world. And if you’re wearing clothes to lift your spirits, take some advice from fashion designers and buy a pair of bright, cheerful sweaters to raise your blood endorphins. Scarlet square-cut sweater, sunny yellow jumper, multicolored sweatshirt – choose what your soul demands.

Feature 6: Slim Fit

Oversized silhouettes replaced tight-fitting styles

Even if you have parameters 90-60-90 and you are proud of your figure, you should not emphasize it with tight sweaters. The fact is that such styles have long gone out of fashion, and this applies not only to sweaters, but also jeans, trousers, dresses – everything that fits is sent to the far shelves of wardrobes. Loose, oversized silhouettes are in trend now. They are more comfortable and relaxed, helping to create a fragile and feminine look.
Please note: If you adore skinny and turtlenecks and are not going to say goodbye to them in the near future, at least do not combine them in one outfit – let the top be loose and the bottom tight, or vice versa.

What to wear: Sweaters should not only be beautiful, continue the fashionable look, but also be warm and comfortable. Dolce & Gabanna, Michael Kors Collection and other brands suggest that you stop at loose-fitting models, as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend or bought a couple of sizes larger. In a trend, voluminous sweater-dresses of a neutral shade, large-knit items.

Sign 7: Bulky collar

High straight collar is better than a yoke

The collar-collar is like a tumbleweed: either send it to the bench, then it returns to fashion again. In 2019, it could be seen on many jumpers and sweaters, but from 2020 to the present day, this element only irritates designers and stylists. The collar-collar is outdated and outdated, it’s time to put up with it.

What to wear: Want to look stylish and effective? Take a closer look at warm turtleneck sweaters. It can be an elongated knit model like Bottega Veneta, a loose-fitting sweater like Zadig & Voltaire, or a piece in a brick-terracotta shade from Boss, which is easy to fit into a business style.

After the sweater is selected, go for other clothes. You might be interested in any of the 9 basic things for women that you need to look for in the men’s department, not in the ladies department.

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