7 fashion habits that piss off stylists

Most girls have their own style and concept of how to dress. However, this opinion is not always correct. What mistakes are most often made by beauties, and what infuriates stylists most of all in the modern images of Russian fashionistas, read the Novate.ru article.

Mistake 1: not thinking through the image

Monochrome looks are in fashion now

If you have been thinking over your image since the evening, carefully analyzing which blouse will suit your favorite red skirt, we can only give a standing ovation, because a very small number of girls do this. Most of them wake up in the morning from the fifth alarm clock, look at their watches, and realizing that they have only five minutes left to get ready, they grab the first jeans and sweater they come across and run to work. There is another category, which includes girls who like to think: they open the closet, look for the perfect outfit for 10-15 minutes, understand that there are a lot of things in the wardrobe, but there is nothing to wear, and in the end they stop at a win-win combination, for example, blue jeans and a white shirt.

In both the first and second cases, the result is the same – a poorly thought-out image. To avoid such an outcome, you should familiarize yourself with the weather forecast in the evening and decide what to wear to work. It is also worth thinking about upcoming plans. If after work you have an appointment with your friends or a date, it makes sense to wear something more festive than a suit and grab some beautiful jewelry or a pair of jewelry.
Image makers often advise clients to make several outfit options in order to choose the one that suits the weather and becomes more in tune with the mood in the morning. If it is fun and playful, a skirt or dress will help, if you are collected and focused, classic trousers and a blouse are ideal.

Mistake 2: Forgetting accessories

Accessories such as bags and glasses should be bright accents

Images do not always turn out to be a failure due to improperly combined clothes or shoes. In most cases, the trivial thing is to blame – the lack of accessories. It is for this reason that look looks boring, impersonal and uninteresting.

If you want to avoid this, use small touches in the form of jewelry, trendy shawls, sunglasses to turn your everyday outfit into a work of art. Modern fashion recommends using accessories as a bright and noticeable detail of the image, keep this in mind. Just try to avoid irrelevant jewelry. A thin chain with a pendant in the form of a zodiac sign, a ring with a pebble that has already seen its own, jewelry sets that turn you into a strict matron – all this does not carry any stylistic idea and is not a winning accent.

Many girls wear such jewelry because they think that they symbolize their wealth, high status. But this opinion is also erroneous – usually expensive jewelry is not used to create everyday images, but is left for a solemn occasion.
Please note: The decoration should create a mood, and if you choose the right accessory, you can also emphasize the dignity of appearance, model the figure or facial features

Mistake 3: Blindly Following Fashion

Runway looks aren’t always good for everyday life

Every year, designers present a wide variety of things, making trending what was considered the height of bad taste a couple of years ago. Models flaunt in transparent dresses, layered outfits, shoes with huge heels that look like hooves. And fashionistas, after watching another glossy magazine, triggered the reflex “I want!” In their heads, after which they run to the store for the wardrobe items they saw, because this is a hit of the season and cannot be missed.

However, there is one “but”: in pursuit of hot catwalk trends there is a risk of losing yourself, completely forgetting about your own taste, character and manner of dressing. It should be remembered that not all the things that fashionable bloggers present at fashion shows or wear will definitely suit you. It is possible that this dress with a floral print or white Cossacks will absolutely not take root in your wardrobe. It is also worth remembering about the peculiarities of the figure: for example, jeans that fit perfectly on the “inverted triangles” can look terrible on the “pear”, and vice versa.

Mistake 4: Forgetting seasonal wardrobe revisions

Every season, unnecessary items should be removed from the shelves. / Photo: nevi.ru

Sometimes the inability to create a stylish, harmonious image does not depend on taste or the availability of the right things, but on the unsuccessful organization of the closet or dressing room. Especially often this situation occurs if you do not conduct a seasonal audit of clothing. In this case, sweaters, tops, T-shirts, shorts, jeans lie together and it is impossible to make a look for the weather.

To avoid such a problem, you must remember to put things away for seasonal storage. Let only those shoes and clothes that fit the season remain on the shelves that you always have at hand. For example, now turtlenecks, jeans, classic-length trousers, sweatshirts and other insulated things will definitely not interfere with you. By the way, a rail on which you can hang part of your clothes can be a good solution. If your bedroom is decorated in a Scandinavian style, then it will also become an interesting decor element.

Mistake 5: trusting others’ opinions

A friend can advise you on which item to choose, but not decide for you. / Photo: westsharm.ru

Many girls, when drawing up their wardrobe, are guided by someone else’s opinion: “Mom said that dresses to the floor suit me very much, because they hide full legs”, “My husband likes how I look in business suits, so trousers and a jacket are the basis of my style.” , “A friend wears oversized sweaters and advises me.” Image makers say that such a position is a big mistake, because the opinion of a third party should absolutely not bother you.

When shopping for wardrobe items, you should only listen to yourself. Of course, you can take a friend or boyfriend for shopping to help you choose between a red and a blue dress. However, on their recommendation, you cannot buy clothes or shoes in which you feel uncomfortable. It is impossible to be seductive and confident if you have unloved things on you that someone else likes. Do not become hostage to other people’s ideas about beauty.

Mistake 6: Forgetting good images

Two looks with a brown sweater, only one successful

Oh, the thought that the closet is packed to capacity and there is nothing to wear. In fact, you just do not remember what clothes are in it at all (by the way, the fourth point is often to blame for this). Stylists recommend that girls compose successful images that they really like, and then take pictures of them on a smartphone. In this case, there will always be a useful cheat sheet at hand and you will not have to puzzle over how to combine things when there are five minutes left before leaving the house.

Mistake 7: Doing everything according to the rules

Modern fashion looks love casualness

A neat black trouser suit, lipstick to match the manicure, a handbag matched to shoes, a perfectly tied scarf is a wonderful image in which not a single detail stands out from the overall picture. Beautiful, but … so boring! Modern fashion is freedom, lightness, relaxation, a little carelessness, as if specially knocked out details.

So, it will be fresh just to put on a scarf without trying to tie it into a thousand knots, release the front of the shirt, roll up the sleeves, and make careless beach curls. How to achieve a relaxed outfit? First, do the look according to all the rules you are used to. And then make it less formal by adding accents and changing details. Put on jeans, tucked in a shirt and put a jacket on top? Roll up your jeans, release the hem of your shirt, and roll up the sleeves of your jacket. As for the tight ponytail, let it go, fluff up a little hair at the roots and go to conquer the world.

But keep in mind that this technique is only appropriate if you are making everyday bows. But for work in a serious company where there is a strict dress code, such tricks will not work, so use them exclusively for casual outings.

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