7 blouses in which ladies 45+ look old-fashioned

18-year-old girls have much more choice of clothes than 45-year-olds. At a more mature age, you have to think several times before purchasing a thing, as it may be too short, tight or just plain vulgar. If you want to look laconic, but at the same time fashionable and sophisticated, try not to buy the blouses listed in the Novate.ru article.
A blouse is an essential wardrobe item for any woman, not just a business woman. It is ideal for composing business and romantic outfits, and can be worn in a restaurant, theater, for a holiday or an official event. The correct model should hide flaws in the figure, for example, extra pounds, and emphasize the merits. Here are some to avoid and their stylish alternatives.

Blouse 1: With ruffles or frills

Ruffles make the blouse look like a school blouse

Often women after 45 try to look younger. It seems to them that if they put on a blouse with flounces, frills or bows, in which they looked great 20 years ago, then those around them will immediately think that their age is far from Balzac’s. However, such decor often makes clothes childish and infantile. Why do you need such an outcome?

What to wear: Models with lace, which look very feminine, will look much prettier. You can easily combine such a wardrobe with classic pencil skirts, straight trousers and even jeans if you need a more relaxed and casual look. Notice how the décor changes the impression of the same blouse – lace emphasizes elegance, and ruffles indicate a lack of taste.

Blouse 2: Fine fabric

Blouse made of thin fabric tightly fits the figure

If in their youth the girls do not look at the composition and do not particularly think about the quality of the clothes, then after 45 the ladies become more demanding. They no longer want to wear synthetics, their hands themselves reach for things made of natural fabrics, the place of ultra-bright items in the closet is taken by monochromatic wardrobe items of neutral or deep colors. However, from time to time, women of elegant age still carry a blouse made of fine fabric to the checkout. What are the consequences of this? Clothes made of loose material do not fit well, emphasize figure flaws and look cheap. And if there is an awkward print on the blouse, then the situation becomes stalemate.

What to wear: We offer a worthy alternative – a black silk blouse. In addition to the luxurious appearance, this wardrobe item has another important advantage: the ability to make the figure slimmer and more graceful. If you want to create a total look or wear a blouse with a neutral bottom, try to add bright accents to make the look more interesting. For example, original jewelry with semi-precious stones or a red bag. In everyday life, a silk blouse can be worn with jeans or skinny pants.

Blouse 3: Shapeless

A voluminous blouse distorts the proportions of the figure

Regardless of what size of clothes you wear, you should not buy a bulky blouse that will fit like a bag on you. It only at first glance seems that it will hide excess weight, but in fact, it will make the figure shapeless, as it will violate the proportions. And if you pick up the same voluminous bottom for the blouse, then the image will not save anything.

What to wear: Once in the store, take a look at the men’s section. There you can find the perfect basic shirt in white. According to journalist and TV presenter Evelina Khromchenko, such a wardrobe item is completely universal and always looks great on a woman. Put it on with jeans and go to the movies, with a pencil skirt – and go to work, with a women’s tuxedo – and shine at a social event. A shirt like this gives meaning to anything that goes along with it in the same outfit, so use this superpower.

Blouse 4: Sleeveless

Do not bare your hands, as they give away age.

This version of the blouse can be worn by slender women, but full ladies are better off abandoning it. The fact is that such a wardrobe item will focus on voluminous hands, which, on the contrary, must be hidden so as not to disturb the proportions of the figure. Also, do not forget that with age, the skin in this area can become flabby and become covered with age spots – another reason not to wear a sleeveless blouse.

What to wear: So that others will never guess about the true number in your passport, choose an elegant blouse with long or voluminous sleeves, which are a trend this year. The classic model of a straight silhouette made of non-translucent medium density material will also look good. As for the colors, it can be basic or romantic, for example, a blouse of azure, lavender, mint, caramel shades will look good.

Blouse 5: Shiny fabric

A shiny blouse is not versatile

The correct choice of fabrics is as important as the style. “Club” materials with a brilliant shimmer should be immediately sent to the trash can – firstly, they are inappropriate in everyday looks, secondly, they do not correspond to age, and thirdly, they have an unpleasant property of gaining weight. Also, guipure and chiffon blouses should be excluded from the wardrobe. Synthetic fabrics look unpresentable, cheap, and can also be harmful to health.

What to wear: Cotton or linen blouses are ideal. They will become a worthy addition to a summer wardrobe, since these fabrics are distinguished by good breathability, allowing a woman to feel great in hot weather. Cotton is easily dyed, so in the assortment of stores you can find a huge number of models of different designs and styles. As for flax, its only drawback is slight creasing, but in most cases this does not harm the image, but gives it a slight negligence.

Blouse 6: With the wrong print

Leopard print is too defiant

Blouses with pictures and ornaments should be chosen very carefully, as they can not only visually add extra pounds, but also make the image too provocative or, conversely, childish. So, you should avoid clothing with an animal print, for example, leopard.

What to wear: Geometric print never goes out of fashion, but a woman of elegant age should adapt it properly. If you have extra pounds, choose vertical instead of horizontal lines – they will visually stretch the silhouette, make you slimmer. Another print that is always in trend is peas. Stylists recommend choosing monochrome combinations that will help add zest to any look, be it everyday or business.

Blouse 7: Off Shoulder

A wrap-around blouse looks more appropriate than an off-shoulder model

Blouses with bare shoulders are also called peasant blouses. They are ideal for warm weather, emphasize the fragility and femininity of the hostess. But with them, things are about the same as with the sleeveless models – they focus on body parts that are better for women after 45. Not only do the blouses bare the shoulders, they also flaunt the neck, but we all know that the décolleté area best demonstrates the true age.

What to wear: A wrap-around blouse is a great alternative. She looks very stylish and elegant, suitable for both slender women and overweight, hiding extra pounds. And this wardrobe item is appropriate in any outfit, especially if you complement the image with the right accessories.

By the way, please note that an incorrectly selected blouse is included in the list of 10 things that can make a simpleton out of a beauty.

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