6 Korean Style Tips That Make You Look Young and Attractive

It is usually customary to talk about the magnificent style of French women, the excellent taste of English women and the beautiful negligence of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries. But Korean women combine all these advantages in their looks, generously seasoning them with originality and brightness. Novate.ru talks about some of the style secrets of Korean women that help them create simple yet stylish outfits.

Secret 1: Simple fit

Korean women love laconic clothes, but with accents

Korean women of fashion are trying to add more things to their wardrobe with a simple, concise cut. They know that in such clothes, you can easily look feminine and elegant. Straight lines help create a crisp silhouette, accentuate body benefits and mask imperfections. When creating such an image, there is no risk of overdoing it, because there are no unnecessary details in it. Note that in the case of Korean women, it just doesn’t mean faded. They can easily slip on red leather or latex pants and balance the look with a neutral turtleneck and a classic beige trench coat. And if the choice of a Korean woman falls on a printed suit, she will undoubtedly wear a white laconic blouse under her jacket, and choose nude boots or boots from shoes.

Secret 2: Wearing the Mini Correctly

Korean women wear mini with high boots and long outerwear. / Photo: pinterest.ru

Korean women are very fond of short things: shorts, skirts, dresses, which radically differ from the same Swedes or French women who consider the only correct midi length. Curiously, in mini, the inhabitants of Korea do not look vulgar, and their image cannot be called too frank. The thing is that they know how to properly wear such wardrobe items. For example, complete with a short dress-jacket, they always wear long outerwear, and complete with shorts – high boots. Another rule when drawing up an outfit with the participation of a mini is as follows: all other parts of the body must be covered. No deep neckline, tops, short jackets, etc. In this case, the look will turn out to be reservedly sexy, and no one can blame you for lack of taste.

Secret 3: accentuate the waist

Korean women wear a belt to accentuate their waist

We all know perfectly well that the emphasis on the waist makes the figure visually slimmer, but for some reason we rarely use this trick. And Korean women do not forget about her, because they love when the waist looks as thin and chiseled as possible. To create a similar effect, they do not use tight clothes, but, on the contrary, go from the opposite. What does it mean? Girls take an oversized dress or sweater and gird themselves with a wide belt. The result is striking: in contrast to loose, voluminous clothing, the waist looks like an aspen, and due to this, the woman looks slimmer and younger. There is one more nuance – if the image is monochrome, then it will also turn out to visually become taller (little girls, take note).

Secret 4: focus on accessories

Korean women often complement the image with a bright bag. / Photo: femmie.ru

If the choice of Korean women fell on laconic basic clothes of neutral shades, then they will definitely complement the image with bright accessories, because they sincerely believe: the image should not be boring, and monochromatic outfits, in which the eye has nothing to catch on, are just that. Original quilted shoes, ankle boots with a fashionable design pattern, a bright bag that can be seen from afar: Korean women love, and most importantly, they can use accessories correctly so that they become original, not inappropriate. They are not afraid to experiment with fashion trends, but they do it carefully so as not to overdo it. Thanks to this, their bows always look fresh, relevant and not boring.

Secret 5: Turn to rich hues

Intense juicy colors are the calling card of Korean women

Russian women do not particularly like bright, saturated colors, since they are difficult to combine – there is always a risk of overdoing it. As for the Korean women, they are not afraid to play with all the existing colors. Girls know that deep shades can make an image dynamic, playful, cheerful in the blink of an eye. They also cheer up and help to visually throw off a few years. Therefore, you can see a Korean woman in a yellow sweater and emerald trousers or a purple pleated skirt and pink sweater anywhere. Remember that when making up such an outfit, bright things should be the main thing in the image, and neutral ones – “supportive”. In addition, the colors should not be neon, otherwise the image will automatically fail.

Secret 6: Use Romantic Details

Romantic outfits are formed with flounced blouses. / Photo: pinterest.ru

True Korean fashion presupposes the presence of cute romantic details in the image, since it often depends on them whether the image turns out to be perky, but at the same time feminine, or not. The clothes of Korean women are often decorated with bows, flounces, pleats, and ruffles. All these elements add plus a thousand points to a romantic look and always look appropriate, even in the office, even on a walk, even on a date.

Secret 7: wear ripped jeans

Ripped jeans make the look light, bold

Stylists always advise choosing simple classic jeans, as they are universal: they suit girls with any type of figure and are harmoniously combined with all elements of the wardrobe. However, Korean women go their own way in this matter and choose custom-cut denim trousers. For example, they can often be seen in jeans with holes, torn edges, asymmetrical trousers (which they themselves were sloppy and cut off). At first glance, such a thing seems too careless and looks strange, but Korean women skillfully combine it with other clothes. In particular, they balance the originality of the cut with basic pieces and soothing shades. So you get a stylish look with a “torn” twist.

Secret 8: Sincerely Love Oversized Clothes

Oversized clothing makes the silhouette more feminine

Bulky clothing has long been at the peak of popularity around the world, and Korea is no exception. Local fashionistas love oversized sweaters, hoodies, and oversized sweatshirts. To make these wardrobe elements look harmonious, Korean women combine them with a mini or tight bottom. Short shorts, skinny jeans, bicycles are used. The most common shoes are sneakers, high or low platform shoes. However, there are those girls who go against the system: they wear oversized trousers to the voluminous top. The image looks especially relevant if both trousers and a sweatshirt belong to a tracksuit – sport chic is now very popular.

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