6 image mistakes that make even narrow hips bigger

The flaws in the figure are easy to hide if you choose the right style of clothing.

It seems that there is nothing difficult in choosing the right jeans or skirt for yourself. The stores offer a huge assortment of models for every taste and color. But some styles highlight the flaws of your figure, not its dignity. Hips are one of the most common problems: they often appear much larger and attract too much attention. We tell you what things should be avoided so as not to doom yourself to a fashion failure.

Incorrect fit

Low-waisted pants or skirts aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re not sure you want to draw all the attention to your hips. The horizontal line emphasizes their volume, so be careful. In no case should you wear tight, low-waisted jeans when you have wide hips. In this case, it is better to choose a model with a high waist, for example, bananas, culottes or bell bottoms.

White color

If you are not afraid of dirt and love to experiment, then white trousers or jeans are your option. You shouldn’t be afraid of this color, but you should definitely be careful with it. It doesn’t matter what type of figure you have. A mistake in choosing a size or an incorrectly chosen silhouette will increase the hips for absolutely everyone. So that the illusion of shadow on the sides does not play a trick on you, pay attention to mom jeans or straight cut models.

Horizontal bright print

Garments with a horizontal print always visually enlarge the figure. You don’t want to make your hips even wider, but you want to have bright things in your wardrobe? No problem. Vertical stripes will help you do the opposite: they will lengthen your silhouette and make you slimmer.

Skinny speckled trousers

Tight trousers in bright colors can be found less and less on the streets, but lovers of standing out from the crowd continue to prefer these models. There is no need to explain that such a bright spot in the image will always draw attention to the thighs. The yellow and pink shades will surely increase your volume. It is worth purchasing tight, colorful pants only when you are 100% sure of your choice.

Out-of-body clothing

Mini-skirts are suitable for girls of absolutely any body size. The main thing to consider is the body type. The owners of curvaceous forms should not wear too tight models, but flared skirts are perfect for them. The same goes for dresses. If your body type is “pear”, in any case, do not wear tight-fitting outfits with sequins. They enlarge your hips several times. Girls with narrow hips can wear tight miniskirts, but pleated skirts look much better on them.

Below the knee boots

You might not be aware of this, but your thighs and shoes are directly connected. Thighs can be made slimmer by stretching the silhouette and choosing a model up to the knee and higher. But boots below the knee, on the contrary, will visually cut your legs and make you bigger in volume.

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