5 favorite desserts that can be halved in calories

When we are in a bad mood, we immediately fly to the store for a delicious dessert. A bar of chocolate, ice cream, a slice of Napoleon with custard immediately pushes problems into the background and makes you look at the problem with different eyes. But all these goodies with various additives are subsequently deposited on the waist and hips in the form of extra pounds. Novate.ru tells how to reduce the calorie content of sweets so that you do not have to limit yourself.

Dessert 1: Cake with cream

The butter in the cream can be replaced with avcado

The calorie content of any cake can be reduced by replacing butter with avocado. If you don’t like the green color the cream gets from the fruit, add cocoa and a little pumpkin to it. Is your goal a thick chocolate color? Then strong coffee will come to the rescue, which will need to be mixed with cocoa.
Another alternative to butter is white cheese. If you add it to baked goods, you can reduce the fat content of the dessert, but still maintain the recipe in preparation. People who are on a strict diet or are vegetarian may like the option to puree apples, squash, or carrots, which can also be substituted for oil.

Dessert 2: Chocolate

Melt a piece of chocolate and pour over a banana

When it comes to the hormone of joy, then chocolate immediately comes to mind. Alas, the pleasure that we experience when eating a tile turns into disappointment in a few months, because extra centimeters appear at the waist. Such an outcome is quite natural – in chocolate there are more than 500 kcal per 100 grams. We suggest using the following trick: melt a piece of chocolate and pour over a piece of fruit. Sweetness goes especially well with banana, pineapple, some people like the combination with peach, orange, apple. You will get a lot of pleasure from such a dessert, and there are only 70-80 calories, instead of 500.

Dessert 3: Charlotte

Place applesauce in the dough instead of sugar

This dessert becomes especially popular in the fall when it comes time to harvest apples. There are a lot of charlotte recipes, but sugar is present in each of them. We offer several options at once for how to defuse a sugar bomb. Firstly, you can reduce the amount of sugar by about a third; this will not greatly affect the taste. If you add 50 grams instead of 150 grams, then you get as much as 400 kcal less.

You can also use an alternative in the form of cane sugar, or forget about it altogether by putting baby applesauce in the dough, which contains about 70 kcal. There are several other options for sweeteners: honey, maple syrup. Even adherents of proper nutrition and strict diets will not be able to resist such a dessert.

Please note: Using sweeteners will significantly reduce the number of calories in your dessert and keep the sweetness of your baked goods. However, it should be borne in mind that in some cases, the lack of sugar can change the texture of desserts such as meringues or biscuits.

Dessert 4: Muffins

Use ground oatmeal instead of flour

Many people love muffins not only because of the great taste, the variety of fillings that can be put inside, but also due to the ease of preparation. One cupcake lifts your spirits and satisfies your hunger in minutes. And how all guests, without exception, love this dessert! So that friends and family members do not later complain that you have fed them, prepare muffins according to a special recipe: instead of sour cream, which has about 190 kcal, put low-fat yogurt, whose calorie content is half.

You can also try adding less flour to the dough, replacing most of it with ground oatmeal or starch. This method was used by our grandmothers and it is still relevant. Cornstarch is the same calorie content as flour, but less is needed due to its consistency. So, for example, 100 grams of flour is replaced by 60 grams of starch, which is 150 kcal less.

Dessert 5: Pie

Diet Pie can be made with dates, honey, and icing

What’s in a classic pie? Flour, eggs, sugar, salt, sometimes milk and butter, and jam is often used as a filling. As you can see, all the most high-calorie foods are collected in one recipe. Yes, the tasty result exceeds all our expectations, but I don’t want to sacrifice a slender figure for it. Therefore, instead of the traditional and high-calorie one, we suggest making a quick and dietary pie.

To do this, take walnuts, cocoa powder, a pinch of salt, dried fruits, dates and honey, put the products in the blender bowl and beat until they turn into a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture must be refrigerated until it solidifies completely (20-30 minutes). At this time, you need to prepare the icing in a blender from dates, avocado, cocoa, honey, olive oil soaked in water. When the base of the cake has hardened, it must be glazed and refrigerated again for several hours. No baking! And as a result, an incredibly tasty, healthy dessert is obtained.

Dessert 6: Cheesecake

Instead of cream cheese, you can use low-fat cottage cheese.

Delicate and delicious cheesecake is extremely popular. Now it is one of the most popular restaurant desserts, and hostesses often cook it at home to please family members. Alas, the calorie content of a sweet dish is 320 kcal per 100 grams. If you want this figure to become two times less, prepare a dough for a shortbread base not from cookies, butter, flour and sour cream, but from more dietary products: oat bran, kefir, eggs and any sweetener that you like.

For the top base, use low-fat cottage cheese instead of Philadelphia cream cheese. It will need to be mixed with natural yogurt, egg and any sweetener. A portion of such a dessert will contain an average of 150-160 kcal.

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