5 fashionable taboos for different body types that distort and good parameters

Knowing your body type helps a lot in the process of choosing clothes, because you know exactly which thing will create the perfect silhouette, and which, on the contrary, will distort the parameters, presenting you in a not very good light. Novate.ru talks about what can be worn by girls with different body types, and what should be feared like fire.

1. Pear

Light-fitting trousers accentuate the hips, and the V-neck successfully pulls the silhouette

A distinctive feature of the “pear” type is the voluminous hips, thin waist, graceful arms and neck. When choosing clothes, you need to be guided by the following rule: the outfit should balance the upper and lower body. To achieve this effect is very simple – you need to focus on the upper to divert attention from the massive thighs. It is very important not to tighten the “bottom 90”, and to choose the right length of the outfit (jacket, sweater, T-shirt should not end in the middle of the thigh).

The following things are prohibited: clothes with large pockets, ruffles, print in the form of horizontal stripes at the hips. This list also includes baggy dresses, low-waisted skinny skirts, and a pleated skirt that tends to add volume to the legs.

What you can wear: Blouses with flounces, ruffles, open shoulders, high-waisted jeans, straight trousers must be present in the pear’s wardrobe. Dresses are a must have. It is best to pay attention to A-line models, fitted semi-fitted styles, shirt dresses with a belt, which will favorably emphasize a slender waist.

2. Inverted triangle


The one-shoulder dress creates the desired diagonal, and the flounces make the top more massive

Girls with an inverted triangle body type are distinguished by wide shoulders, a poorly defined waist, long slender legs, narrow hips devoid of feminine roundness, and a strong torso. The general appearance is athletic, athletic. Given these features, stylists do not advise fashionistas to wear blouses and sweaters with a large collar, sleeves, lanterns and shoulder pads, a boat neckline, oversized wardrobe items.

What you can wear: When choosing clothes, it is very important to balance the top and bottom, as well as highlight the winning components of the figure, in particular the legs. Pay attention to dresses with an asymmetrical neckline and one shoulder strap – a diagonal line will hide the effect of wide shoulders. A successful element is a lush peplum, which will give the thighs the desired volume. Pleated and draped skirt, banana and bell-bottomed jeans, trousers with tucks are also suitable. It should be remembered that the top should be darker than the bottom. As for outerwear, it can be fitted or straight.

Please note: If you have a small bust, do not try to highlight it with ruffles, ruffling pockets and other jewelry in the chest area. This will only draw undue attention to the top and make the silhouette disproportionate.

3. Apple

You can not bare your stomach, it is better to highlight the waist with a belt

The girls with the “apple” body type have slender arms and legs, but the waist is weak due to the rounded abdomen. In order not to focus on the shortcomings, you should abandon tight clothes and oversized things, a deep neckline, pockets in the abdomen, cropped sweaters, jackets, jackets, which will only aggravate the situation. The patterns and designs in the belly area are also not your story, as are the thick belts that will draw undue attention in the waist area.

What you can wear: The asymmetrical midi skirt will become a lifesaver, which will accentuate slender legs and create the necessary vertical. Wrap skirts, straight and tapered high-waisted trousers, elongated cardigans, strapless top with a V-neck and a round neck will also successfully complement the wardrobe.

4. Rectangle

Instead of a tight one, it is better to choose a dress with a fluffy skirt.

The biggest problem of girls with a rectangle body type is that the waist is poorly expressed, and the shoulders and hips are wide, that is, there is no need to talk about femininity. But there is also a plus – an angular figure, in which there are no smooth bends, is considered a model. For a beautiful and harmonious look, ditch raglan sleeves, form-fitting clothing, horizontal stripe prints, skirts and drawstring trousers. Also, you can not create excessive volume in the upper body, it is better to focus on the legs and hips.

What you can wear: Dress-shirts, flared skirts, sweaters with a V-neck, trousers with stripes, elongated oversized sweaters will look perfect. If you like business style, be sure to complement your wardrobe with a pastel-colored trouser suit. He will create a vertical color line that will stretch the silhouette and add grace to it. It is better to choose cropped trousers, with a high waist, so that it seems thinner.

5. Hourglass

The ideal figure can be emphasized with a tight dress and ruined with a voluminous sweatshirt

Girls with this type of figure constantly catch the envious glances of their friends, because the “hourglass” is considered the standard of beauty, which, however, is not surprising: the hips and chest are located on the same line, a pronounced waist, a harmonious silhouette. It is almost impossible to spoil such a figure, but there are still a number of things that are best avoided. These include oversized sweatshirts, straight jumpsuits, pleated skirts.

What you can wear: For girls with this type of figure, it is important to emphasize a thin waist and feminine curves. Clothes that follow the contours of the figure, corsets and belts, soft, flowing fabrics can help in this. Beauties will look great in wrap dresses and skirts, oversized shirts, fitted jackets up to mid-thigh length, blouses with a deep neckline. The list goes on and on. The most important thing is to avoid things from the previous paragraph.

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