35 facts about physics

1. As you know from textbooks, water has no form, but water still has its own form. This is a ball.
2.Depending on weather conditions, the height of the Eiffel Tower may fluctuate by 12 centimeters. In hot weather, the beams heat up to 40 degrees and expand under the influence of high temperatures, which changes the height of this structure.
3. In order to feel weak currents, physicist Vasily Petrov had to remove the top layer of epithelium at the tip of his finger.
4. To understand the nature of vision, Isaac Newton inserted a probe into his eye.
5. The common shepherd’s whip is considered the first device to break the sound barrier.
6. If you unfold the tape in a vacuum space, you can see X-rays and visible glow.
7. The well-known Einstein was a failure.
8. The body is not a good conductor of current.
9. The most serious branch of physics is nuclear. 10. The most authentic nuclear reactor operated 2 billion years ago in the Oklo Territory. The reaction of the reactor lasted for about 100,000 years, and it was only when the uranium vein was depleted that it ended.
11. The temperature on the surface of the Sun is 5 times lower than the temperature of lightning.
12. A drop of rain weighs more than a mosquito.
13. Flying insects are oriented in the process of flight only to the light of the Moon or the Sun.
14. The spectrum is formed when the sun’s rays pass through the droplets in the air.
15. Stress-induced fluidity is characteristic of large ice glaciers.
16.Light propagates more slowly in a transparent medium than in a vacuum.
17. There are no two snowflakes with the same pattern.
18.When ice forms, the crystal lattice begins to lose its salt content, which causes icy and salty water to appear at some points in the downdrafts.
19 Physicist Jean-Antoine Nollet used humans as material for his experiments.
20. Without using a corkscrew, the bottle can be opened by leaning the newspaper against the wall.
21. To save yourself in a falling elevator, you need to take a “lying” position, while occupying the maximum floor area. This will distribute the impact force evenly throughout the body.
22 The air from the Sun is not directly heated.
23. Due to the fact that the Sun emits light in all ranges, it is white, although it seems yellow.
24. The faster the sound propagates where the medium is denser.
25 The noise of Niagara Falls is the noise of a factory floor.
26. Water is able to conduct electricity only with the help of ions that dissolve in it.
27. The maximum density of water is reached at a temperature of 4 degrees.
28. Almost all the oxygen in the atmosphere is of biogenic origin, but before the emergence of photosynthetic bacteria, the atmosphere was considered anoxic.
29.The first engine was a machine called aeolopiles, which was created by the Greek scientist Heron of Alexandria.
30. 100 years after the creation of the first radio-controlled ship by Nikola Tesla, similar toys appeared on the market.
31. The Nobel Prize was banned from receiving in Nazi Germany.
32.Short-wave components of the solar spectrum spread in the air more strongly than long-wave components.
33. At a temperature of 20 degrees, water in the pipeline, which contains methane, can freeze.
34. The only substance found freely in the natural environment is water.
35. Most of the water is in the sun. The water is there in the form of steam.

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