15 weird flavor combinations in familiar dishes that are considered delicacies overseas

The practice of using certain products in different countries is different, and this is not surprising, because literally everything affects it: from the peculiarities of geographical location to ancient traditions or peculiarities of religion. However, some products are consumed abroad in such a way that it would not even occur to us. In domestic open spaces, setting chips with chocolate, and french fries with ice cream is something out of the ordinary, but in other countries it is considered an absolute norm. Let us bring to your attention 15 products and dishes that are eaten abroad in a way that we never dreamed of.

1. French fries with ice cream

A popular fast food ordering option in the United States. / Photo: o-daeda.ru

This unusual gastronomic tandem is extremely popular in the United States. There, hot fried potatoes are eaten with ice cream, most often vanilla ice cream. And, despite the fact that for our person such a combination even sounds strange, but french fries with cold sweetness are really tasty.

2. Cheese, honey and instant coffee

The case when cheese is not served with a coffee drink. / Photo: galenagoodwin.com

It is not for nothing that France is one of the culinary capitals of the planet, because they are actively experimenting with products, trying to achieve a unique combination of tastes. A prime example of this culinary delight is the popular French cheese snack. It is done like this: a slice of hard cheese is poured with honey, and ground or instant coffee is sprinkled on top. The result is a dish that is incredible in its simplicity and at the same time sophistication.

3. Glazed curd

It turns out that you can eat cheese … hot. / Photo: blogspot.com

It is difficult to imagine that a product such as curd cheese in glaze can be eaten not only cold, but even hot. But in Japan, this is how it is usually used: before enjoying the sweet, it is slightly warmed up in the microwave.

4. Banana with bacon

A non-trivial snack for our person. / Photo: tveda.ru

Banana in our presentation has always been a sweet fruit that can only be put in the appropriate salads or pastries. But, as it turned out, the Americans look at this product somewhat differently. So, they came up with an original appetizer: a banana is wrapped in slices of bacon and fried on the grill, it turns out. Believe it or not, this dish is very popular.

5. Sweet tomatoes

It is hard to imagine that there is not salt, but sugar on a tomato. / Photo: delovkusa.ru

But with tomatoes, the situation is the opposite: if we are used to eating it salted, then at least in one country of the world it is the other way around – it is rolled in sugar. We are talking about China: the locals believe that it is sugar that gives the tomato flavor more expressive notes.

6. Chips and chocolate

In America they love to combine snacks and fast food with sweets. / Photo: cosmo.com.ua

Another gastronomic feature of American cuisine, strange for a domestic layman. The fact is that US residents love to eat crispy chips with … milk chocolate: the sweetness is melted in the microwave and poured over fried potato slices.

7. Orange with salt

Perhaps the most original choice of citrus spices. / Photo: mishry.com

Amazingly, even without that, sour citrus fruits are often seasoned in some parts of the world with … salt. This is exactly what they do in Algeria, and with a specific practical purpose: the locals are sure that a salted orange or grapefruit is more juicy and tasty, and also better quenches thirst, which is especially important in the local climate.

8. Roasted grapes

Grapes in a skillet are the norm somewhere. / Photo: povarenok.ru

India, in principle, is famous for its unique combinations of products and tastes, but it is difficult to believe that they absolutely seriously fry grapes in a skillet. But in reality, this is a rather popular way of preparing this berry: after roasting, it is either added to a salad, or served as a side dish, for example, to meat.

9. Chili Pepper Jam

A non-trivial alternative to chili sauce. / Photo: livejournal.com

Many people know how chili pepper is loved somewhere in Mexico, but how popular it is in the Balkans, and most importantly, how it is prepared there, becomes a big surprise for many. The fact is that they like to make … jam from a spicy product. Such a gastronomic experiment turned out to be a successful substitute for the usual sauce: the inhabitants of the Balkans prefer to serve jam with meat dishes or rice.

10. Cucumbers and honey

Pickles with honey are proving to be a popular snack. / Photo: maxmenu.ru

Most of us love to eat pickles, both as an ingredient in various salads and separately, as they say, in its pure form. But in the Baltics and Finland they like to make an original appetizer from them: lightly salted cucumbers are simply poured with honey.

11. Cucumber cake

Cucumbers can become a confectionery masterpiece. / Photo: tveda.ru

Cucumbers are also prepared in a very non-trivial way in India: the locals prefer to cook … a light cucumber cake. Such a dish is not only tasty, but also practical, because it refreshes in an excellent way on a hot summer day.

12. Coffee, rosemary and garlic

The strange way of making coffee is very popular in Turkey. / Photo: gastronom.ru

Many people know about the famous Turkish coffee, but not everyone knows about one rather unusual version of the preparation of this drink. The fact is that in Turkey coffee is prepared with the addition of a sprig of rosemary and even a clove of garlic. And the traditions of drinking this drink are interesting: salted olives are served with it. At first glance, the combination of tastes is frankly strange, but at the same time it is very harmonious and, moreover, perfectly satisfies hunger.

13. Fried Chocolate Bar

Scots, it turns out, not only wear men’s skirts, but also fried bars. / Photo: grandkulinar.ru

As practice shows, in Scotland there are not only original traditions in wearing national clothes and musical instruments. Their gastronomic delights are sometimes also frankly unusual: for example, they like to eat chocolate bars … fried. Such a non-trivial sweetness is prepared as follows: first, the product is sent to the freezer for several hours, and then rolled in batter and deep-fried.

14. Potato casserole with marshmallows

Potatoes with marshmallows are either a dessert or an appetizer. / Photo: grandkulinar.ru

In the domestic open spaces, such a type of potato as sweet potato is generally not very famous, but in American cuisine, on the contrary, sweet potatoes are quite popular. So, in particular, in the United States, a full-fledged dessert is prepared from it: sweet potato tubers are mixed with lemon and marshmallows, and then baked in the oven.

15. Eggplant and honey

Andalusian eggplants with honey, odd, but delicious. / Photo: vestikavkaza.ru

When housewives are looking for original eggplant recipes on the Internet, they often find themselves on the so-called Andalusian dish. And this is not a play on words: the fact is that in Andalusia there is a practice of preparing this vegetable, which is considered classic in local cuisine – eggplants are fried and then poured with honey.

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