11 Soviet products that have lost their original taste over time

Modern gastronomy is much more accessible and varied than it was during the Soviet era. However, many of those who lived during the Soviet era still fondly remember the products that were just then. The reason for this nostalgia is simple – today it is almost impossible to find their analogues that would have the same taste as in the Soviet era. To your attention 11 products from the USSR, which by now have lost their original taste.

1. Ice cream

The Soviet ice cream has acquired a legendary patina long ago. / Photo: back-in-ussr.com

Ice cream was rightfully the favorite delicacy of Soviet children and their parents. Sundae in a waffle cup or popsicle on a stick in glaze had an unforgettable creamy taste that is much more difficult to find today. And the point is not even that today’s assortment is much wider, but also because in the Soviet era, a cold dessert was produced strictly in accordance with GOST, using natural ingredients and without fillers. That is why the shelf life of ice cream then did not exceed only one week.

2. Processed cheese curds

The processed curds also changed in taste. / Photo: cont.ws

In Soviet childhood, processed cheese was the cheapest snack. The most famous types of product were “Druzhba”, “Volna” and “Yantar”. The main advantage of the Soviet product over its modern counterparts was, of course, the use of natural cheese and cottage cheese in the recipe. In addition, half a century ago, one could find sausage and even chocolate cream cheese on the shelves. But today their counterparts are practically not found in stores, because not only the taste has changed, but even the consistency of the product.

3. Fruit lemonades

In the USSR, drinking lemonade was both tasty and profitable. / Photo: pinterest.at

Soviet fruit lemonades were made from high quality water and natural raw materials. Of course, the range of tastes was much more modest than today, but the taste did not suffer from this at all. In addition, modern drinks, no matter how many there are, cannot repeat the taste of Soviet lemonades.

This is interesting: Soviet children also derived quite material benefits from drinking this tasty drink. The thing is that the lemonade was poured into glass bottles, which, after the soda has been drunk, can be handed over to the glass container collection point and help out a trifle for another “tasty treat”.

4. Liquid hematogen

Modern children can hardly imagine such a strange form of the familiar hematogen. / Photo: bugaga.ru

Today, most adults and children know hematogen, which is sold in drugstores and stores in the form of tiles. But those whose childhood was in the Soviet era will be happy to talk about the existence of then … a liquid analogue of this product. Moreover, the taste of hemoglobin syrup is in no way inferior to modern bars – as the older generation says, it resembled toffee and chocolate at the same time.

5. Fruit kvass

Few people know that there were several types of kvass in the USSR. / Photo: cocktailsforyou.net

Many people know about the famous barrels on the streets from the Soviet era, as well as the fact that homemade drinks were very tasty, which they made, taking out the sourdough. However, not everyone knows that bottled kvass with various fruit additives could be found in stores several decades ago. However, although today there are also analogues with various fillings, they are very far from the natural taste of Soviet drinks.

6. Jam and Jam

Soviet jam differed from modern jam by its exceptional naturalness. / Photo: livejournal.com

Jam and jams were sold in Soviet stores by weight from large metal cans. On the shelves, there was also a product in a small container, but the housewives preferred it by weight. Today, of course, there is a huge amount of jams, but the taste of the Soviet seems to have faded into history along with the era. And its shelf life was much lower than the modern one, because it was made only from natural ingredients: exclusively fruits and sugar.

7. Dumplings

Soviet dumplings are still remembered. / Photo: wildberries.ru

In fairness, it should be noted that such a product as dumplings, according to many of those who remember what they were in Soviet times, have not changed much today. Especially in recent years, when manufacturers again began to strive for naturalness. But Soviet dumplings are still remembered with nostalgia: the frozen product in cardboard boxes was snatched from the shelves instantly. But the quality of the dough and meat depended not only on GOST, but also on the manufacturer.

8. Corn flakes

Under not the brightest package was the highest quality corn. / Photo: vkerchi.com.ua

Soviet cornflakes, unlike their modern counterparts, were rightly considered a healthy and healthy breakfast. The thing is that the product was made from the highest quality corn with the addition of only salt and sugar. Hybrid varieties were not used for flakes. The taste of Soviet flakes is still understood, and among the kids, the undisputed favorites were the glazed product, which they ate just like that, without milk or tea.

9. Toffee

Legendary Soviet toffee today is generally difficult to find. / Photo: soviet-art.ru

Despite the fact that modern stores have toffee, they differ significantly from their Soviet counterparts. So, if tiled iris can be found on the shelves today, then the legendary “Kis-kis” and “Golden Key” have not been found for many years. Therefore, most simply recall with nostalgia the very Soviet toffee, which were made only from natural ingredients – milk, butter and sugar, sometimes with the addition of vanillin, coffee or cocoa.

10. Baltic sprat

Baltic sprat was very popular in the USSR. / Photo: westport-news.com

Baltic sprat is one of the staples that was regularly present on the Soviet dinner table. Of course, you can find a similar product today, but it is still different. So, for example, modern counterparts are distinguished by a smaller amount of spices in their composition, while the ambassador has become more concentrated. But the taste of “Sprat in tomato”, in the opinion of many, has not changed at all. The price is also pleasing – it is still affordable.

11. Canned Cod Liver

Today cod liver even has a different color. / Photo: was.media

Today, a product like Cod Liver is not as popular as it was in Soviet times. Perhaps the reason for this was a change in technology, which affected the taste and quality of the final product. So, it is often noted that the Soviet liver was almost a single piece, light brown in color. This shade is due to the exclusion of the use of frozen raw materials. In addition, the production of canned food was carried out directly at sea, on a ship. Of course, now this technology is also used, but on the shelves of stores “Cod Liver” is quite rare.

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