10 hairstyles from the 90s that are back in vogue when they were almost forgotten

We never tire of repeating that everything new is well forgotten old. And this pattern applies not only to clothes, but also to hairstyles. Did you miss short haircuts, hair accessories and sleek hair? Then rejoice with Novate.ru, because 2021 is a great time to return to the trends of the past.

Hairstyle 1: Curls

Sarah Jessica Parker and Ksenia Borodina

In the 90s, large curls with a curling iron were incredibly popular. Now such a hairstyle for publication is chosen by many celebrities. For example, Ksenia Borodina decided to curl her hair for one of her photo shoots. True, not all subscribers of the TV presenter appreciated her image – in the comments there were often phrases that the curls increased the volume of the head. And this is true, because this hairstyle is not suitable for everyone. So, curls to the waist should not be done for girls of small stature, because the hairstyle will make the silhouette squeezed, as a result of which the beauties will seem even lower. Loose hair, curled in strands, should also be avoided by girls with a wide face shape, since curls visually increase the already large features.

Hairstyle 2: Ponytail with elastic

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato

Lovers of sleek hairstyles never ignore high and low ponytails. But if earlier they preferred to do their hair using invisible elastic bands, now you can use voluminous accessories. Thirty-year-old beauties will definitely remember how their mothers did just such a hairstyle in childhood.

Hairstyle 3: Beach curls

Kate Hudson and Rosie-Huntington Whiteley

In the 90s, models were rarely seen on the runway with perfect styling, sleek hair, or elaborate layered hairstyles. The most optimal option was natural waves – in this situation, the hair looked imperfect, but this was precisely the trend. Therefore, if you prefer long hair to short bob or bob haircuts, pay attention to the beach styling – it looks much more interesting than straight and elongated strands. Please note that beach waves look very harmonious in tandem with a curtain bangs, like Sasha Savelyeva’s.

Hairstyle 4: Ripple

Salma Hayek and Vera Brezhneva

Now, most girls have curling irons with a corrugation nozzle, and in the 90s women of fashion resorted to improvised means to make a crazy volume on their heads. In particular, they braided pigtails for the night, and in the morning we watched how the strands turn into small waves. Now there are many more ways to achieve this styling.

Corrugation is suitable for creating both a casual and a festive look. The biggest plus of this hairstyle is that it creates the root volume that many girls complain about in a matter of seconds. Ripple can be used not only as an independent hairstyle, but also combined with braids, waterfalls. A great option is a ponytail with corrugated ends.

Hairstyle 5: High styling

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Lopez

In recent years, most stars preferred to appear on the red carpet with the most laconic hairstyles: straight or slightly curled hair, beach curls, Hollywood styling, etc. Perhaps the reason is that celebrities are trying to attract maximum attention to the dress and jewelry. However, this year it is possible to abandon minimalist hairstyles and makeup, as pretentious styling in the spirit of the 90s returned to fashion. If you have long dreamed of constructing something more complicated out of your hair than a tail or loose strands, 2021 is the perfect year to experiment. For example, you can take a look at the images of Keti Topuria and Jennifer Lopez – they will definitely inspire you.

Hairstyle 6: Cascade with loose strands

Jennifer Aniston and Rachel McAdams

In 1994, the first episode of the famous sitcom Friends, starring Jennifer Aniston, was released on television. Her heroine Rachel Green immediately became an example to follow, and the girl’s hairstyle – a cascade with loose strands – was recognized as the most popular: it was done by both business women and teachers in rural schools. Over time, this haircut began to be called “Rachel”, and its main components were considered to be light golden strands, layering, and hair framing the face, which smoothly passed from short to longer. Now this haircut has changed a bit. Now conservatism and a small number of layers are at the head.

Hairstyle 7: Curls with accessories

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba

Conciseness and simplicity is, of course, good, but we are sure that many girls miss the beautiful hairpins, hairpins, hoops and other accessories that were so popular in the 90s. Therefore, urgently check your jewelry boxes, and if they do not contain large pearls, small metal discs and invisible crystals with crystals, immediately go to the store. And do not forget about the voluminous hoop – it will be in fashion for a long time.

Another option for hair jewelry is flowers. Remember how before Drew Barrymore appeared on the red carpet with just such a “childish” hairstyle? It’s time to get inspired by her images from the 90s. It will turn out to be a very cute and carefree look. For an official event or work, it is unlikely to be suitable, but for a house party it will be just right.

Hairstyle 8: Pixie

Winona Ryder and Halle Berry

In the early 90s, one of the most fashionable and sought-after haircuts was the pixie, which the American actress Winona Ryder loved so much. If she knew that in 30 years the fashion for a haircut would return, she would hardly grow her hair. Contrary to stereotypes, a haircut does not make a girl look like a boy. On the contrary, she looks incredibly feminine, emphasizes a thin neck and beautiful facial features.

But it should be borne in mind that pixie is not for everyone. For example, beauties with large facial features and protruding ears should refuse it, since it focuses on the head as a whole. Also, pixies will not go to owners of small and naughty curls, because the hair will stick out in different directions. Only a special styling gel can help here, but you won’t be able to walk constantly with smoothed hair.

Hairstyle 9: Short bangs

Gwen Stefani and Michelle Williams

Straight bangs to the middle of the forehead are ideal for stylish, daring, confident girls. In the 90s, Gwen Stefani went with her, so her images should be taken into service. However, the modern performance is slightly different from the one that was adopted 30 years ago. Add a little sloppiness by making the bangs not even, as if cut off along a ruler, but slightly torn. American actress Michelle Williams is a great role model.

Hairstyle 10: Sloppy ponytail

Gwyneth Paltrow and Hiley Bieber

In the 90s, celebrities could be seen with two types of tails: tall and sleek, like the model Tyra Banks, and cute, careless, like the actress Gwyneth Paltrow. We propose to opt for the second. This hairstyle is done incredibly quickly, but at the same time it looks moderately casual and very sexy. All you need to do is collect a bunch and pull out a few strands from it so that they stick out. A perfectly sloppy ponytail will look with a curtain bangs. If you don’t wear bangs, just pull a few strands out from your face to make your cheekbones a little softer and tidier.

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