We invite you to attend a lecture by a renowned scientist.

We invite you to attend a lecture by a renowned scientist.

Ladies and gentlemen!

We invite you to attend a lecture by a famous scientist,

Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith.

May 17 in the conference hall of the Physics Institute. P.N. Lebedev Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the audience will receive an exciting lecture on thermonuclear energy.

An outstanding physicist of our time will share his knowledge and experience:

Professor at the University of Oxford, Chairman of the ITER Council, Chairman of the SESAM Council Christopher Llewellyn Smith will reveal the secrets of an inexhaustible source of energy in a lecture “Towards Fusion Energy”. The lecture starts at 12.00.

A public presentation of the famous scientist will take place at FIAN, Leninsky Prospekt, 53. Metro stations “Leninsky Prospekt” and “University”.

We will be glad to see you at the lecture. To obtain simultaneous translation equipment, you must take your passport with you. Admission to the lecture is free.

The organizer of the public lecture is the Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation with the assistance of the International Center for Fundamental Physics in Moscow.

Additional information can be obtained from the organizing committee of public lectures:

Contact person: Vlad Tsvetkov, tel. 8 926 176 57 69.


Fusion energy, thanks to which the sun and stars exist, is potentially an environmentally friendly and essentially inexhaustible source of energy for our planet. The urgent need for large-scale and stable energy sources requires scientists to develop methods for the practical use of fusion reactions as a new, commercially competitive energy source.

I will begin with a brief description of the problem of the energy needs of the modern world, now and in the future. Then I will talk about thermonuclear energy itself, about the unsolved scientific and technological problems associated with it, as well as about the plan for the development of thermonuclear energy. An important stage of the plan, which is currently being implemented by an international consortium with the participation of the Russian Federation, is the creation of an experimental power plant called ITER (International Experimental Tokamak Reactor), which should have a capacity of at least 500 Megawatts. Simultaneously with the study of thermonuclear fusion, it is necessary to develop various side technologies, including the creation of equipment for testing materials that can withstand intense neutron irradiation for several years under the operating conditions of the designed thermonuclear power plant. With sufficient resources and the successful simultaneous completion of these stages of the project, the prototype of a thermonuclear station can be put into operation within thirty years, after which, already in the second half of the 21st century, thermonuclear energy will begin to play a significant role in balancing the energy needs of mankind.

Source: sfiz.ru

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