The physics of the future is the physics of ethereal media

Физика будущего - это физика эфирных сред

I believe that the future of physics is not the violence of nature with the help of ever more powerful accelerators, but a fine work of tuning various types of subtle energies or ethereal media for the needs of humanity.

Physicists should work more as energy programmers than as primitive technically armed barbarians.

The physics of the future is the physics of ethereal media

The basic categories of physics of the future, I consider matter (matter), etheric fields and etheric media.

These are universal categories for all universes that make up the “matryoshka” of our universe.

Substance or matter is a structurally organized form of manifestation of quantum wave fields, or etheric fields.

There are only three types of these fields: a positive etheric field (centripetal, forces of gravity, attraction), a negative etheric field (centrifugal, forces of antigravity, repulsion) and a neutral etheric field (equilibrium, forces of rest, stability of states and harmony).

The dominant of the positive field leads to attraction, the dominant of the negative field – to repulsion, the dominant of the neutral field – to the balance of forces, rest.

Moreover, any etheric field is no longer matter, but energy in its pure form. However, one should distinguish between the etheric fields and the ether itself or the etheric medium. Etheric fields are forms of ether manifestation, controlled and controlled by it.

The ether itself or the etheric medium is all these fields not in an actual, manifested state, in dynamics, but in a potential, hidden, collapsed state, in a state of Nothing or Emptiness, in a state of Vacuum.

In fact, the ether or etheric medium is potential energy, potential being of different levels of organization and development. This is peace that controls development. Etheric fields emanate from the ether, the Void and return to the ether, the Void.

The physics of ethereal media is good for its versatility, because all types of etheric media are organized by the Creator (the highest etheric medium) according to the same principle, differing only in the degree of subtlety or perfection of their organization.

So, our material universe is the universe of the material etheric medium or potential energy. It is a universe of interaction, interconnection, influence and transmission of influence through material etheric fields, or energy fields.

The energetic ether corresponds to the material and energetic, etheric bodies of a person.

At the same time, our material universe is a form of manifestation of a more highly organized universe or etheric medium, noospheric or informational ether. Information broadcast can be called the world mind.

Accordingly, the information ether manifests itself in the form of information or torsion fields that no longer carry influence, not force, like energy fields, but information or images (olfactory, tactile, gustatory, visual, auditory and others).

Also, information fields are capable of creating various types of information matter. In fact, information is the same energy, but more highly organized and intended for different functions. The information ether corresponds to the astral and mental bodies of a person.

In turn, the information ether or world mind is a form of manifestation of the ether of an even higher level of organization, or spiritual ether.

Spiritual etheric fields differ from informational etheric fields in that they no longer carry information, not images, but the understanding of these images and meanings.

If we were not in constant contact with the spiritual etheric fields, we would receive images, information, feel them, but would not understand what it is. Spiritual ether corresponds to the intuitive body of a person, intuition is actually the understanding of something.

However, the spiritual ether is not the last level of the etheric matryoshka of the universe. Spiritual ether is a form of manifestation of ether of an even higher level of organization – divine ether.

Divine etheric fields no longer transfer influence (force), images (information), or even understanding images (spirit), they transfer meanings (love).

By meaning, I mean the degree of saturation of an image (information) or understanding (spirit) with love of a high vibration frequency.

The higher this degree of saturation with pure divine love, the more meaning for a person this or that image, this or that information.

Divine love is a pure semantic substance.

In my model of the universe, the highest etheric medium is the ether of Pure Awareness or absolute ether (ether of Nonexistence).

Its peculiarity is that it is not a substantial and not organized form of energy, unlike other etheric media.

This is the mystical initial (Pure Unconscious) and final (Pure Awareness) energy of Nonexistence in its pure form.

All other types of ethereal media are different types of potential substance or potential energy and forms of manifestation of the ether of Nonexistence, which contains all of them in a potential form.

But at the same time, it can be said, following the Taoist thinkers, that lack of energy is perfect energy, and lack of organization is perfect organization.

What are the etheric fields of Pure Awareness transferring (what types of interactions)?

The etheric fields of the absolute ether no longer transfer meanings, but the comprehension of meanings. This comprehension of meanings for all intelligent beings occurs in the mysteries and mysteries of eternal life, an eternal cosmic odyssey.

Actually, a person lives only in order to comprehend higher meanings and build his life in accordance with this understanding and comprehension.

From a religious point of view, we can say that the absolute ether is the Creator of our universe as five interconnected and dynamically developing etheric media: world energy (force), world mind (information), world spirit (understanding), world divine (meaning, love ) and the world absolute (pure awareness of the higher meanings of being).

In conclusion, I would like to once again draw attention to the flawed approaches of modern physics to the study of the universe.

It’s even scary to imagine the construction of a new super-powerful accelerator, with the aim of splitting the semantic field of the universe. This will only lead to chaos and global catastrophe.

All the most advanced is created by the filigree work of thought, and not by beating a sledgehammer, and this must be constantly remembered by modern physicists.

We must take care of everything that exists, and remember that we are responsible not only for those whom we have tamed, but also for what we study.

Contacts with the higher spheres are not established with the help of thermonuclear explosions and large hadron colliders.

First you need to learn how to talk with the universe in the universal energetic language of love, and then we will succeed.

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