The most expensive car in the world


When we ask ourselves which car is the most expensive in the world, we have to figure out which car we are talking about.

The most expensive car in the world
Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, Wikimedia Commons / Sfoskett ~ commonswiki (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Is this the most expensive car ever sold? Or the most expensive production car? Maybe a price record holder in the concept category?

Indeed, there are several answers to this question, and you will understand why.

Overall winner of the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

The Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic is the most expensive car ever sold. This is an antique car from 1936. In 2010, he left the auction for a fabulous price – about forty million dollars. The buyer – the Mullin American Automobile Museum – has added a rarity to its collection, the cost of which is unlikely to be exceeded in the near future.

There are several reasons for such a high price. First, the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic is a real museum rarity. He was such already at the time of his birth, because the manufacturer collected only 4 such machines, and at the moment there are two of them left. Secondly, the car has unique technical characteristics. It is capable of accelerating to 200 km / h (and this is a car created in the thirties). Finally, the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic has an incredible design that boggles the mind even in the 21st century.

“Golden” exclusive

The next category of mind-bogglingly expensive cars includes single or multiple cars. The most expensive of these to date is the Maybach Exelero, sold for $ 8 million to rapper Brian Williams. Interestingly, this model is nothing more than fabulously expensive promotional material.

The most expensive car in the world
Maybach Exelero, Wikimedia Commons / Simon Davison (CC BY 2.0)

The supercar was designed and manufactured by order of a company that manufactures tires for bullet cars. Maybach Exelero has a monstrous design and excellent technical parameters. Weighing in excess of 2.5 tonnes, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds, which is an impressive result. The car is capable of a speed of 350 km / h, that is, it belongs to the sports category.

At the same time, the interior design and overall comfort indicate that the Maybach Exelero is a real limousine. The interior is decorated with luxurious materials – genuine leather, artificial rubber, composites. The creators of this masterpiece have repeatedly stated that they made a reference car, and, apparently, they succeeded.

The most expensive production cars

One can often hear the opinion that the most expensive production car is the Lamborghini Veneno, estimated at $ 4.5 million. But it is not so. The manufacturer indicated that this model will go into series, but in fact only a few cars were assembled and sold, that is, the Lamborghini Veneno can hardly be called a production car.

The first place in this category, most likely, should be given to the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, of which 450 units were sold. The car is currently worth approximately $ 1.4 million.
The most expensive car in the world

The miracle of the modern automotive industry is distinguished by a set of excellent characteristics. Engine power – more than 1000 hp, seven-speed gearbox, top speed 407 km / h (electronically limited), acceleration to hundreds in 2.5 seconds. It holds the record for fuel consumption – 125 liters per hundred kilometers, but in normal mode this figure becomes more reasonable – about 40 liters in the city and about 15 liters on the highway.

When driving in normal mode, upon reaching a speed of 220 km / h, the wing is extended, and the ground clearance is reduced to 8.9 cm. To switch to high-speed mode and reach phenomenal speeds, you need to use a special key.

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 was completed in 2015. It was replaced by a new supercar – Bugatti Chiron, estimated at 1.9 million euros. At the moment, the pilot copies of the model have been sold. The manufacturer promises that in two years the Bugatti Chiron will set a new speed record. If the car is launched into a series, it may outstrip its predecessor and become the most expensive production car.

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