Physicists have discovered a new effect at the hadron collider

The special epistemological status of science and modern physics

Physicists working at the Large Hadron Collider, for the first time after its launch, discovered a fundamentally new effect that was not predicted by the existing theory – among hundreds of particles produced in collisions of protons, pairs were discovered whose motions are related to each other for some unknown reason.

“This is an unexpected phenomenon for us, which was first discovered at the collider, and now we will wait for its interpretation from theorists. It is possible that we have really reached the point from where new phenomena are “visible” that are not so easy to understand, and with increasing energy they will manifest themselves more and more often, ”said Professor Vladimir Gavrilov, head of a group of Russian physicists from the Institute of Theoretical and experimental physics working on the CMS detector.

It was at the CMS detector – one of the collider’s four main detectors – that these two-particle correlations were discovered.

The science Physics Discover Hadronic Collider New the effect

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