Physicists explain the mechanism of rotation of mushrooms during growth

Физики объяснили механизм вращения грибов при росте

Physicists have explained the rotation of Phycomyces blakesleeanus during growth from a mechanical point of view.

As it grows, the mushroom curls counterclockwise (viewed from above). Then, for 24-48 hours, the direction of rotation of the mushroom is reversed, and after that it returns to the original one.

Physicists explain the mechanism of rotation of mushrooms during growth

As part of the new work, the researchers were able to explain the features of the growth of the fungus, proceeding only from mechanical considerations.

The thinnest fibers are located inside the walls of the mushroom leg, which ensure the strength of the leg – with an average thickness of 100 microns, the height of the mushroom can reach 10 centimeters. These fibers are twisted in a clockwise direction. As the stem grows, they “unwind”, causing the mushroom to rotate counterclockwise.

According to scientists, these same fibers are also responsible for rotation in the other direction. In particular, when these fibers grow, they cause the mushroom to rotate clockwise. The mathematical model built by the scientists made it possible to show that the dominance of a particular rotation is determined primarily by the angle of inclination of the fiber with respect to the horizontal plane.

The science Physics Explain Mechanism Rotation Mushroom Growth

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