Physicists at the LHC have found something similar to the Higgs boson

Физики на БАК нашли нечто похожее на бозон Хиггса

Physicists analyzing the data collected by the LHC detectors have reported detecting events that could indicate the birth of the Higgs boson. The results of the ATLAS and CMS detectors sharply improve the achievements of the Tevatron: the Higgs boson is already covered in a very wide mass range, but in the 130–150 GeV region, a deviation is observed that begins to resemble the desired boson.
Physicists at the LHC have found something similar to the Higgs boson

The Higgs boson is an elementary particle predicted to exist within the Standard Model (a generally accepted hypothesis explaining the nature of fundamental physical interactions). The Higgs boson is “responsible” for the mass in all other particles.

Until now, scientists have not been able to experimentally confirm the existence of this particle. Theoretically, the Higgs boson can be born in collisions of other elementary particles that occur at very high energies. In this case, the colliding particles are destroyed, forming the so-called quark-gluon plasma, from which other particles can be born.

In colliders, particles collide with each other, accelerating to near-light speeds. Particles produced in collisions go to collider detectors, and by analyzing which particles arrive there, scientists can reconstruct the chain of birth and decay.

The authors of the new study found that the ATLAS and CMS LHC detectors register a large number of particles with masses ranging from 130 to 150 GeV. Some experts believe that it is in this interval that the mass of the Higgs boson can be located. The appearance of “suspicious” particles was associated with the creation and decay of pairs of W-bosons – elementary particles-carriers of weak interaction. There are theories that predict that the Higgs boson can decay with the formation of W bosons.

So far, scientists refrain from unambiguous conclusions and note that the data they obtained require careful additional verification.

The science Physics Tank Found Something Similar Boson Higgs


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